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Kangxi Grassland

The Kangxi Grassland is celebrated for superb scenery and large number of sheep and cattle. From late spring to summer, the grass begins to revives, like a cushion stretching out as far as one can see; innumerable flowers bloom, as if they are competing with each other for beauty. With the rising and falling sound of songs, horse dash in the scattering of Mongolian style yurts, sheep and cattle sport leisurely over the land. Owing to its geographical position, the grassland has a distinctive ... View Detail

Yunmengshan National Forest Park

The Yunmengshan National Forest Park lies at the border of Miyun District and Huairou District. With its main peak rising more than 1,400 meters (4,600 feet) above the sea-level, the forest park covers a vast area of about 2,200 hectares (5,456 acres). A superb summer resort, the scenic area has soaring mountains, sheer precipitous cliffs, grotesque rocks, cascading waterfalls and running springs. The dense forests, the chirping birds and the changeable clouds add allure to the park. During July ... View Detail


Baicaopan southwest of Beijing, known as the first peak, 2,161 meters above sea level, Beijing is also the only car to the Peak District tourist attractions. Kun Peng within scenic valleys, Gaoping Baicao, God sees three major attractions and mountains Fairy Eight, Eight foot of the mountain. The scenic area is connected with the Mentougou Baihuashan. Scenic alpine meadow with flowers blooming landscape feature, with a wealth of plants, wild vegetables, wild fruits, is the treasure house of ... View Detail

Longtan Forest Park Royal White

Miyun County in Beijing, 30 kilometers northeast of the Longtan Mountain, there is an ancient attractions, this is one of the capital in the new White Dragon King 16, the Royal Forest Park. White Dragon first in the west known as the North Lake Reservoir, north of the Great Wall, the entire area within the beautiful, every breath is like enjoying a new lead in the air, refreshing.There are scenic spots built in twenty-four years of Kublai Khan';s Yuan Longquan Temple, Temple of the title ... View Detail

Kitamiya National Forest Park

China National Forest Park National Park (National Forest Park), this formulation is effectively accustomed in mainland China, is a forest park in the classification of the maximum progressive. China's Forest Park is divided into National Forest Park, Forest Park, provincial and municipal, county-level forest parks and other three, including the National Forest Park is particularly beautiful forest outlook, cultural features are condensed, watching, science, high cultural amount, geographical in ... View Detail

Petrified Wood National Geopark

As a national geological park and the geological vestige reserve of Beijing, it is located on both banks of White River to the northeast of Yanqing Country, about 100 away from the downtown.The geological park stretches for 26 kilometers from the Yan Mountains in the west to Disshuihui in the east, with the total acreage of 226 square kilometers. It is a national geological park with unique geological sight and natural sight, integrating scientific investigation, sightseeing and folk custom ... View Detail

Jiufeng National Forest Park

Jiufeng National Forest Park is situated in Haidian District, the northwestern part of Beijing city. Only 2 kilometers away from Zhongguancun High-tech Garden and 18 kilometers northwest of the Summer Palace. Jiufeng literally means the Golden Eagle Peak. Looking from a far distance, two mountain peaks stand and face with each other, as it were a vivid golden eagle which flapping the wings and preparing to fly. Therefore, the park got the name Jiufeng (Golden Eagle Peak).Jiufeng Forest Park, ... View Detail

Xiaolongmen Forest Park

The Xiaolongmen National Forest Park is located at the foot of Lingshan Mountain in Mentougou District, about 114 kilometers (70.8 miles) from downtown Beijing. The Lingshan Mountain, with an average altitude of 1,333 meters (4,373 feet), is the highest mountain in Beijing. The park occupies an area of 771 hectares (1,905 acres) and the percentage of forest cover reaches 74%. It is a well preserved natural scenic area with an excellent ecological environment.The forest park is a world of natural ... View Detail

Forest Park Yufa mu

Forest Park Yufa mu is located in Daxing County near yufa. Park a variety of trees planted in the form of plexiform collection, rankings, arrays, and reflects the pure beauty of nature leaves forest areas in the east. Park National Wildlife breeding bases, breeding a number of our unique golden monkeys, gibbons, pythons, tigers, leopards and other endangered rare animals.TrafficXiannongtan by 943 Road to the East Lake Village.Tickets20 yuan View Detail

Forest Park Banbidian

IntroductionBanbidian Forest Park. It is the largest natural forests in Beijing. The fresh air and wild flowers make it a great palce to go camping in spring and summer. 35 kilometers to Beijing, which covers an area of 3,000 mu, forest coverage is 65 percent, the average elevation is 1122.6 meters and there are three ravines. In scenic area there are strange stones and trees, erecting peaks, thickset forest and flowing stream.Ticket: 6 yuan View Detail