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Amusement Park, Kowloon

Beijing Nine Dragon Amusement is a joint venture of the Beijing Ming Tombs Reservoir Integrated Development Co., Ltd. and the Japanese Kumagai Gumi Co., Ltd., built in 1985. It's the first American furniture Disney characteristics of large underwater viewing amusement parks in China, and also a unique catchments culture, the dragon culture, tourism, culture, as o­ne of good taste, multifunctional tourist resort. The amusement park lies to the southeast of the Ming Tombs Reservoir in ... View Detail


Longqingxia also known as "the ancient city of nine", the "Beyond the Great Wall Little Li River," said. Taniguchi Longqingxia the old village, the legendary Empress Dowager Xiao Liao palace garden, where Ming and Qing Dynasties is the destination, now is the city reservoir, the ancient city of Tuo River originates from eastern side of the sea, there are numerous springs along the river supplies water, river water throughout the year.On both sides of the Yaan, a mountain of ... View Detail

Shichahai (after the sea)

The Shichahai also known as the 10 brake the sea, 10 Han sea or lithographic sea, by the West Sea after sea, the sea before Tiananmen Square to West Street, Beihai Park, located in the back door opposite the narrow surface of the water diagonally southeast from the northwest. The Shichahai areas Beijing inner city to retain the original folk culture rich features of old Beijing traditional scenic areas and residents to retain areas. Eastern Yin Ding Bridge across Lake to stand bridgehead views ... View Detail


Shidu area is karst landforms, is rare in North China to gorge, peak and valley landscape features to karst landscape, geological heritage youth patriotic education both for the main geo-science park. Juma cuddle around the mountain ridge, curved road nine back, consistent flow from the northwest to the southeast of the area boundary. Geological heritage within the area are breathtaking, "Sky", the magic of "flying stone," strange "stone in the Stone", the mysterious Longshan "Buddha", which ... View Detail

Jinhai Lake

With its breathtaking scenery and taste of a life far removed from the concrete metropolis, the scenery along the Jinhai Lake become one of China's new tourist destinations. Here, you can float by on bamboo rafts on the lake to enjoy the beautiful, quiet landscape of Jinhai Lake. What is more, just if you like, taking the mosquito craft is also a good idea! Sometimes, people spend their leisure time here to fish nearby the lake. Beyond you expectation, some will also by a helicopter to have ... View Detail


In the 1970s, exports in large Shuiyu reservoir construction of a 59 m high, 283 meters long, 4 meters wide, the first concrete gravity arch dam, thus forming a a storage capacity of 14.6 million cubic meters, the drainage areacanyon-type reservoir of 55.6 square kilometers, the library available for tourists to cruise. Officially opened in 1996.TrafficQinglong ancient Great Wall mark in Beijing Huairou District, the town 75 kilometers away from Beijing Sanyuan Bridge, take the 916 road to ... View Detail

Black Dragon Pool

Black Dragon Pool Scenic Spot is not far from Miyun Reservoir and is about 100KM from downtown Beijing. The 4 Km walk (2.5 hours) contains 18 pools and 3 waterfalls. This deep and serene valley boasts many unique scenic spots each with its own character. The thrill of watching the rushing water and the steep waterfalls make this Dragon Pool trip special. The narrow meandering paths, ladders and bridges provide a sense of adventure and achievement.Bus: Take bus 980 from Dongzhimen to Miyun Gulou ... View Detail


Yanxi amusement park environment, beautiful scenery and pleasant, is too well-known suburbs of Beijing sports fitness, leisure and holiday resort. Amusement park entertainment facilities, the existing water, land-based projects more than 40 kinds of options available to visitors of all ages. Which water flying umbrellas, water sports, water sports from the shelf motor, water flying drop, water curtain movie, rocket bungee jumping, flying trapeze, whitewater Yong Jin, rock climbing, archery, play ... View Detail

Dripping Lake

Dripping Lake is located in Yanqing County, is a unique form of small waterfall. The dripping lake has fresh air, the scenery is very beautiful. There are many beautiful flowers and a variety of birds. The buildings there are quite distinctive, are small high-rise buildings. It is really a livable place , and the surrounding recreational facilities and health care facilities are complete.Address: Liangzi region, Qianjia Store in Yanqing eastern mountains View Detail

Gui River

In Etymology, "Gui River is the name of a river, rising in Yanqing County, Beijing City and flowing into Sanggan River." In Yanqing County, the place name containing "Gui" can be seen everywhere, such as Guihe Drift, Guishui Street, Guichuan Square and so on. The character of "Gui" has become the pronoun of Yanqing and the symbol of Yanqing's long history and profound cultural connotation.Yanqing local government has been making efforts to enhance the region's image and boost socio-economic ... View Detail