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Baiwang Forest Park

Baiwangshan Forest Park covers an area of more than 2,000 acres, located three kilometers north to the Summer Palace. Beijing-Miyun Channel crosses the mountain and it is the nearest Forest Park from the city. The peak altitude is 210 meters, upright. Ascend to the peak, looking down the earth from a distance, there is magnificent scenery. It is worth ascending and visiting. It has lush forest, vegetation coverage rate reaches as high as 95 percent, and negative oxygen ions is rich in air, known ... View Detail

Mangshan National Forest Park

Python Mountain National Forest Park is located at northeast of Changping County,40 kilometers from the center of Beijing. The forest covers an area of over 600 hectares and the forest coverage is as high as 86%. Why people call it Python Mountain National Park ? From the landform of the mountain,it looks like a huge python. The peak is 659 high and there are 176 greenery and blossoms in the park. There are luxuriantly green all year round, the biggest national level forest park in Beijing. In ... View Detail

Songshan Forest Tourism Areas

Songshan Forest Tour Area is in North China which is the o­nly national-level nature reserve with a Total area of 4,660 hectares and over 50 hectares natural oil pine trees. Haituo Mountain is as high as 2199.6 meters which is the second peak of Beijing. Songshan Tour Area is famous for its natural landscapes: grand mountains, quiet water, dangerous stone and unique forest, which let people, have a feeling of being a world of painting, poetry.Tickets: 50 yuan, 25 yuan for kids and ... View Detail

Badaling National Forest Park

Beijing Badaling National Forest Park, the highest peak 1238 meters above sea level, distribution, 539 kinds of plants, 158 kinds of animals, trees greening rate of 96% to China's first international certification through the FSC's ecological forest. Park Ridge leaves the main attractions are scenic, Dragon Valley Scenic Area, cloves Valley Scenic Area, Shek Kip Scenic Area.Ying Yan Great Wall and the residue leaves look long series of interest is the park';s best scenery, there are ... View Detail

Phoenix Ridge

Phoenix Ridge is located in the Township to Ling Natural Scenic Area in Haidian District of Beijing, it is 33 km away from Tiananmen Square, the total area of 17.88 square kilometers, is the gift of nature the human side of the Pure Land, one without artificial carved jasper. "King of the outer suburbs, the outskirts of the road, natural air conditioning!" Phoenix Ridge, advantages and features of the natural scenic spots. Scenic landscape and colorful. Of Buddhism, Taoism, ... View Detail

Stone Gap

Attractions introduction: Stone Gap is located in Beijing Pinggu district, North-East of Ponderosa Valley, scenic mountain root in an upright, stands high and steep, like slices of stone forest, named after the. Beijing East stone gap has two pieces of stone forest, from a magnificent, a closer look slightly different, except for a steep Wang Ziya, Xia Kou stone, wood and thunders, flying stones and other landscaping, a paradise-like world of cool little, is the perfect place for summer leisure ... View Detail


Miaofengshan scenic area is located in the territory of the West Beijing Mentougou District, 55 km from the city center, an area of 20 square kilometers. Scenic temples, pines, rocks, and famous. Belong Miaofengshan Taihang Mountains, igneous rock structure, the peak elevation of 1291 m, precipitous mountains, the beautiful flowers. Miaofengshan seasonal landscape of sunrise, sunset, rime, Hill City, known as the acres of roses in North China's largest traditional pilgrimage temple, is one ... View Detail

Terrace Hill

Terrace Hill, also known as Hubbell Mansion, Benjamin F. Allen House, and Iowa Governor's Mansion, is the official residence of the Governor of Iowa. Located in Des Moines, Iowa, it is an example of Second Empire architecture. The home measures 18,000 square feet (1,600 suqare meters). It sits on a hill overlooking downtown Des Moines, and has a 90 foot (27 meters) tower that offers a commanding view of the city. The house became a National Historic Landmark in 2003.Traffic346 bus in ... View Detail

Lying Foshan

Lying Foshan tourist resort, is located within the Bohai Town, Huairou County of Beijing, only 5 km away from the Mutianyu Great Wall (east) from the the Tianhua Cave (west) for 20 km. Scenic tourist wedding day is the spring and autumn.Foot of the hill Rainbow Villa, a novel ultra-custom European villa-style huts Villa offers rooms 17, in particular, built a set of chic style of the White House Suite. Currently has 80 beds, a small meeting hall, village pub and modulation fresh rainbow trout ... View Detail


Baihuashan Nature Reserve is located within the Mentougou District, Beijing, 120 kilometers from the urban road traffic is convenient. The forest coverage rate reached 90 percent. Peak Baihuashan altitude of 1991 m, Baicaopan altitude of 2050 meters, is the third highest mountain in Beijing.Baihuashan rich animal and plant resources, natural flora and fauna of North China Garden, said the four vegetation types, ten forest communities. Plant species and 110 families, 1100. There are 170 kinds of ... View Detail