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Hanshiqiao wetlands

Beijing Hanshiqiao Wetlands are the only existing large-scale reed wetlands and waterfowl habitat for many rare, where a large area of reed growth, suburban areas in Beijing, is unique as a sign of Hanshiqiao characteristics of wetlands, which won the "big Ludang Jingdong" and the suburbs, "small Baiyangdian" another said. Hanshiqiao protection is resuming, covering about 1.5 acres of wetlands, dense reed marshes and rich biodiversity, the formation of a unique wilderness landscape plain ... View Detail

Lake water hole

IntroductionLake hole water is located in the county inside area under administration of yellow loose valley, be apart from 21 kilometers of county. In the big gorge that makes an appointment with 10 kilometers in, gross area 9 million square metre, among them surface area 6000 square metre. Mountain peak of lake hole water is barpque, gorge hidden danger, mountain forest is dense, shui Xiudong is strange. In full bloom of here spring pediment, white bird caw cries; The summer is faint green ... View Detail

Thousand feet pearl waterfall

Waterfall of 1000 feet pearl is apart from gate of cool and refreshing cereal 5 kilometers, water shade hole is deep many meters 200, chute is water shade shape, more than meters 10 wide, many meters 80 tall, water shade from above to below, be like mist, pearl, water shade hole from this and get a name. Tourist so far, can feel beyond number rice blast a cool wind, find the scenery pleasing to both the eye and the mind letting a person, if enter elfland, it is the one great marvellous spectacle ... View Detail

Xiangshui Hu

The Xiangshui Lake Scenic Area is located to the west of Mutianyu Great Wall in Huairou District, about 85 km from downtown Beijing. It occupies an area of 18 km2 and stretches about 5 km long. The scenic area is a splendid natural valley with a section of the Great Wall, an ancient cave, beautiful mountains, clear springs and ponds, and a spectacular waterfall.Xiangshui Lake is, in fact, not a lake but rather a gash of water from the head of a spring in the valley. The lake is called Xiangshui ... View Detail

The jingdong big limestone cave

Jingdong Great Limestone Cave locates in the east part of Heidouyu Village in Pinggu District, 90 kilometers away from Beijing city proper. With beautiful natural landscapes, it has reputed as the "First Cave under the Sun". While inside the cave, you could see several dozens of views as the "Long Hui Tian Shu", "Water Curtain Cave", "Xiangsi Fountain" and so o­n. The cave was formed in more than 1.5 billion years ago with splendid view of stalagmite, stalactite, stone pipe, stone flower and ... View Detail

Zhenzhu Hu

Pearl Lake is 1 kilometer west to Zhuwo Village, Yanchi Town, Mentougou District, Beijing, its altitude is about 400 meters. In 1958, a reservoir was built, called as Zhuwo Reservoir at that time. Explored by Mentougou Tourism Office, the reservoir turned into a tour scenic spot and changed its name as "Zhenzhu Lake". Go upward along the lake, you can experience the dam style,Xinghua Village, Sanxian Cave, Huxinshuangliu Island, 55 kilometers lake station, 24 Dongmingtielong, Asia's first ... View Detail

Jingdong Grand Canyon

Jingdong Canyon scenic area, located north of Yuzishan Village, is composed of two scenic areas - the grand canyon and Jingtai Mountain. The scenic area is adjacent to Panshan Mountain in the south, and to the Jingdong Cave, Jinhai Lake, Huangyaguan Great Wall, the Eastern Tombs of the Qing Dynasty and Wuling Mountain in the east, and is about 82 kilometers from downtown Beijing. Since its opening in 1992, many visitors have flocked to the area and it is a well-known scenic area in Beijing and ... View Detail

Kyoto first waterfall

Jingdu No.1 Waterfall is located 3 kilometers from Heilongtan,Miyun town. It is the o­nly o­ne waterfall group formed by underground water (springs) in China. As a result, the water is very clear and clean. The waterfall is the closest o­ne to the city and also a good place for mountain climbers and hikers because of the many mountains around it. A group of wonderful waterfalls splash down the high mountains in Miyu village. It is a lush and ideal place for the good of your eyesight ... View Detail

Valley Lianquan ring

Lianquanxianggu Scenic Area is a total 70 kilometers from Beijing, west collect to Yanjing Badaling. There is a peak, which is 200 meters high, and earns its name for it looks like the ancestor of human beings. Yougushentan Lianquanxianggu Gorge Scenic Area is composed of Tiangong cave and Maotou mountain, and the main scenic spots include Santanerpu, Shenmachang, Wuyue Bingchuan, and Shennong Hot Spring etc. Beijing belongs to a warm sub-continental monsoon climate; its summer is hot and rainy ... View Detail

Longtan Natural Scenic Stream

Stream of natural beauty within the Longtan Longtan river, drifting north of Beijing, known as the first, to the summer rainy season when the rolling whitecaps, ups and downs, spectacular. Long drift sections, the two sides, such as sliced ax, the Three Gorges of the risk of spectacular place, everywhere. Now they open mountains, beach Yingying, pebbles rolling; suddenly An Liu Qing Yang, river grass lush, shallow river fish swim out of deep grass shrimp, relaxed posture.Drifting of the most ... View Detail