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Spirit Valley (Hope Valley Park)

Linggu Temple is a Buddhist temple in Nanjing, Jiangsu, China. The temple was described as 'the best Buddhist temple in the world'. It was now surrounded by a large park. The temple was first built in 515 under the reign of the Liang Dynasty (502-557). It used to lie at the northeast foot of Mount Zhongshan, i.e. where Ming Xiaoling Mausoleum now locates, since Emperor Zhu Yuanzhang chose the place to be his mausoleum and then the temple was moved to the present place. The temple was ... View Detail

Zhongshan Botanical Garden

Zhongshan Botanical Garden (Dr. Sun Yat-sen Botanical Garden, Nanjing Botanical Garden) is the first national botanical garden founded in 1929 in China. The garden was originally established in memory of Dr. Sun Yat-sen, the first President of the Republic of China.Occupying 187 hectares, the garden is located in the eastern suburb of Nanjing as well as in the Zhongshan Scenic Zone. The garden is positioned between the Purple Mountain (Zijinshan Mountain) behind, and Qian Lake in front, and is ... View Detail


Zhan Garden, one of the five famous gardens in south of the Yangtze River, is considerded"the first garden of Nanjing". It used to be the mansion of Xuda, Zhongshan King of Ming Dynasty and the mansion of Yang Xiuqing, East King of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom.Now, a museum of the Taiping Heavenly Kindom is established there to show the history from the very outset of this glory kindom untill its fading. Wandering in the garden, you'll see the lotus blossoming in the small pond, ... View Detail

Hongshan Forest Zoo

Nanjing Hongshan Forest Zoo is located in the north of Nanjing and close to Nanjing Railway Station. Occupied 93 hectares, the zoo opened to public in September 1998 and is covered by trees and green land. The zoo is popular place for locals but many expats think that the cages for animals are too small that animals frantically pace back and forth. Compared with its large plot of land, it should be possible for the zoo administration to expand the living spaces of the animals. Not many signs ... View Detail

Laoshan National Forest Park

Nanjing Laoshan National Forest Park lies on the north bank of Yangtze River . It covers 120 thousands acres with 35 kilometers long east to west and 15 kilometers wide north to south. The covering of forestry in the park reaches 85%, which makes the rolling mountains more magnificent. There are about one hundred mountains with the average height 300 meters, among which the highest one can reach 442.1 meters.The National Forest Park is a famous scenery spot as well as an interesting ... View Detail

Stone Park

Defense Park is the most important part of Stones Park in Nanjing, Jiangsu, China. Located at Hu Ju Road, No. 87, the park occupies 20 hectares and has been a well-known tourist attraction since ancient times. The park encompasses a diversity of natural landscapes, including a mountain, city wall, and forest. Nanjing Stones Park represents of history and culture in Nanjing and many poets and writers have used Stones Park as topic for their works. According to plans, the area is divided into ... View Detail

Forest Park, wandering

The park covers an area of more than 3,000 acres, and it is rolling mountains, winding hilly, landscape and white, forming a beautiful natural landscape. Dayou Mountain, the main peak has and elevation of 188 meters. It is beautiful scenery, green bamboo and charming scenery.Zhenru Temple: Many attractions in the region, as really as the most representative temple with an area of more than 100 acres. Golden Buddha temple has an installed 21 meters high, weighing nearly tons, called the East ... View Detail

Xuanwu Lake

Xuanwu Lake is a lake in the central-northeast part of Nanjing, Jiangsu, China, near Nanjing Railway Station and Ji Ming Temple. The Ming city wall borders the park to its south and east and there is a notable pagoda and the Zifeng Tower overlooking the lake.The lake covers 444 hectares and is 15 kilometers in circumference. According to the local legend, a black dragon was seen in the lake and was believed by Chinese Taoists to be a god of water protection called Xuanwu which gave it its name ... View Detail

Purple Cloud Lake

Purple Cloud Lake is an ideal spot to spend an afternoon relaxing outdoors. Not suprisingly, "No Swim" signs lining the edge of the lake are no deterrence to many locals that enjoy the waters. That being said, it should be known that many people have drowned in the lake's deep waters.The Zixia Lake is situated to the west of Sun Yatsen's Mausoleum and is about two thirds of the way up the mountain. This is a very pleasant little area consisting of pathways, green pines, red ... View Detail


Located on the western side of Hanzhong Lu, Nanjing City, Mochou Lake occupies an area of 47 hectares (about 116 acres). Once a part of the Yangtze River, gradually became a lake as the course of the river wavered from the Yangtze River to the Qin Huai River.The name of Mochou Lake originated from a beautiful woman called Mochou who had to bury her father. Her state of poverty resulted in her having to sell herself. Later, her husband's parents weren't pleased with her, so she committed ... View Detail