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Zhongshan Botanical Garden (Dr. Sun Yat-sen Botanical Garden, Nanjing Botanical Garden) is the first national botanical garden founded in 1929 in China. The garden was originally established in memory of Dr. Sun Yat-sen, the first President of the Republic of China.

Occupying 187 hectares, the garden is located in the eastern suburb of Nanjing as well as in the Zhongshan Scenic Zone. The garden is positioned between the Purple Mountain (Zijinshan Mountain) behind, and Qian Lake in front, and is close to Mingxiao Mausoleum.

The garden is one of the four major botanical gardens in China with magnificent display and comprehensive functions including education and scientific research. It has a huge collection of about 3,000 taxa of living plant species belonging to 913 genera of 188 families. The Herbarium within the garden contains a total amount of 700,000 sheets of specimens. The garden has established five research institutions including the Ornamental Plant Research Center, the Medicinal Plant Research Center, the Plant Information Center, the Prestigious Laboratory of Plant Ex-situ Conservation of Jiangsu Province and the Herbarium.

Nanjing Botanical Garden has established a number of exchange programs with more than 60 internationally well-known universities and institutions, including the University of British Columbia in Canada, the University of Tokyo in Japan and the Missouri Botanical Garden in the United States.