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Rock Paper Lane

Paper Lane is a stone mansion formed between the two royal sons of an alley, the wall thickness of the 216 stone paved only three centimeters from the ground paved with 168 stone plates, length of 68 meters, its maximum width of 1.1 meters, the narrowest point is only 0.8 meters, is the royal court and the kind of news Futang respect between aisles. According to research, get the stone path to the next is a whole do not get rain water sewer, sewer thin skin of the stone as it is called stone ... View Detail

West Park

Now the park has "Zhu Nianci fan Calligraphy Museum of Art," "a hundred Indian Museum", "Nanshe showroom" and exhibition hall. "Zhu Nianci Fan Calligraphy Museum of Art" exhibition of the national arts and crafts boutique Mr. Zhu Nianci master more than one hundred pieces of fan. "Hundred Indian Museum" in the displays at home and abroad organized by the Hangzhou Xiling Seal Society hundred one hundred and seal carving style reflects the style of the seal Xitang, printing and edge models. The ... View Detail