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Qiang Jiao Islands

Today, three thousand strong Kau-ton wharf has been built, the natural harbor of Ningbo City and marine base, but the Pavilion Village sites, ancient buildings and four Ming and Qing Ping Road Hospital alone, small temples and other monuments still intact Putuo. Come here to travel, can be sent nostalgia, appreciation of the beauty of sea and sky, the good taste of seafood products, make a return does not come off between the celestial worries History: This is an ancient and mysterious island ... View Detail

Red Rock Scenic

Red Rock Scenic Area is located in the East China Sea coast of the Xiangshan Peninsula Eastern Chen rural territory, scenic area of 5 square kilometers, is known as "the first Cliff Beach promenade along the coast of China" reputation. Rock Beach area, gravel beach, sand beach, the only red sand beach a short strip of varying width, undulating. Another couple Shi, Kuanyin wall, four more than the dragon into the sea at the other three spots from more people to hang around. Among them, the Red ... View Detail

Flowers Ao Island

Flowers Ao Island is located south of Xiangshan Port Yang Mianshang Sanmen Bay, the island peaks Jun strange stone, rock Qidong You, in particular, are listed in a kilometer cloth on the crystal coast of Stone Forest, the momentum is magnificent. A variety of small tables crowded close together strips of stone, arranged in order of different lengths, they can only encircle the crude will be required, to reach the five to six stories high; some like Heavenly Sword, and some like the sea Crane, ... View Detail

Tan Head Mountain

Tan Mountains are volcanic tuff head pose, post peak stretching, these peaks are 14 meters, very few plains, mountains and vegetation between the good, bushes, flowers. Island in the Gulf many natural rocks, caves, sand placed in the meantime. Grand Palace: It is the largest natural mountain Tan village head, the southernmost island in the Tan. Hundreds of families patchwork of small buildings arranged in gentle slopes by the sea, the home village, and Wang, panoramic view of the vast ocean. ... View Detail

Yushan Islands

Xiangshan County, Cheetos reef waters, the famous archipelago is one of Yushan. Yushan Islands are South and North Yushan Yushan divided, often said that mountain pass refer to fishing and fisheries in North Hill. North Hill area of 0.78 square kilometers and fisheries. "Fab Five reef": momentum deplorable. Fab Five of China';s territorial sea baseline reef islands and reefs, in fact, it seems the Fab Five from the reefs of the island, from south to north, from the eight composed of large and ... View Detail

Shipu fishing port city

Shipu located in the south central area of Yangtze River Delta economic wing, the central coast of Zhejiang, south of Xiangshan County, Ningbo City, Shipu Port River, the mountain side to Hong Kong';s total land area of 119.5 square kilometers, including 176 coastal reefs. Shipu is a fishing port city of 600 years, built a hill, mountain and sea, known as the "City in Hong Kong, the mountain in the city." The high control in Hong Kong is the "coastal town" Shipu the main features of the ... View Detail

Chinese fishing village

Sunshine Coast and the Chinese fishing village is divided into two major fisheries Island area. As China';s largest integrated ocean culture and leisure resort, it has the best hardware and software facilities, Mediterranean-style villa, Caribbean-style entertainment, high-quality sandy beach, fishing village of authentic seafood delicious snack, green island and forest resources, the scenic spot covers food, housing, transportation, travel, shopping and entertainment all the travel and ... View Detail

Songlan Mountain Beach Resort

Songlan Mountain Resort, located 9 km southeast of Xiangshan County waterfront, with a total area of about 25,000 square kilometers. Not only the poetic name of the region, and has many features: the Gulf of many, many beaches, exotic landscapes, breathtaking caves, nine islands arranged in the sea, ancient ruins of Resistance Against Japan, well-preserved military camp, Taoism, Buddhism and the corresponding landscape. In these features in the first place is the sandy beach. Song Lan ... View Detail

Xiangshan movie

Movie in the background Lingyan mountain, the whole building has the Song Dynasty style, the main plaza area by the door, Village Street workshop area, the tomb of the government caves area, Manor Wu Tong District, shops and other city residential areas composed of five major attractions area, set the film culture and tourism and leisure in one. Magnificent city of Xiangyang City, Land of the Dead mysterious tomb, beautiful and elegant Villa, owned by clouds, blurred fantasy Jueqing Gu and ... View Detail