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Shentou more than 600 large and small springs, springs at 2 million cubic meters, the minimum temperature at 14.5 degrees Celsius, is the largest in North China a natural wetland, the lake "water around Temple," the shore "temple of Tang E State "known. "Long Night Moon" is one of the famous ancient Mayi, known as "Beyond the Great West" reputation. View Detail


BU Xiang Ho Qingliangshan Huairen enlightenment in the West Village, steep, mountainous peaks. Mountain temple, famous Qingliangsi, Manjusri is said to be the first temple on the way to go to Wutai Mountain. There is a brick tower were Huayansi peak pagoda, pagoda about more than ten meters high and seven octagonal eaves, built in the Liao Dynasty, the peak with a Cave Kitayama cavity, cave in a stone Bodhisattva Manjushri, 1.78 meters high, life, end Xu Mizuo sitting on. Kitayama peak pagoda ... View Detail

Ying County Wooden Pagoda

Sakyamuni Wooden Pagoda in Ying County in northwest Buddhist Temple Temple, commonly known as the Ying County Wooden Pagoda. Years built in the Liao Ning Qing (AD 1056), Jin Mingchang six years (AD 1195) upgrading is completed. Is the highest and most ancient of the existing wooden tower of a building. A national key cultural relics protection units. Pagoda built on the platform in the four-meter high, 67.31 meters high tower, the bottom diameter of 30.27 meters, was flat octagonal. Elevation ... View Detail

Po Ling Monastery

Commonly known as the Great Temple, located in Youyu County, north of Old Street, Chengguan town. Temple building sat north to south, the original area of west width of 100 meters from north to south about 150 meters. The main building at the central axis of the original four courtyards, five temples, followed by arch, gate, King Hall, Main Hall. Unfortunately, the monastery after the liberation and the "Cultural Revolution" which was severely damaged, the house collapsed homes, buildings were ... View Detail

Sofukuji Temple

Age of the existing Galerkin one of the largest of the three major Buddhist temples. As in the Tang Emperor Tang Lin Tak star Weichigong years (AD 665) ordered the assassination of Bong-built. Jin expansion, but also by the Ming and Qing dynasties repairs Diange become a towering, magnificent Buddhist giant brake. In 1998, the State Council as a national key cultural relics protection units. Moon City is located north of East Avenue, ride north to south, east near the city wall, west adjacent ... View Detail

Da Temple

Da Temple is located 600 meters above sea level on a thousand hills "Monju" "Samantabhadra" Pass into the valley, commonly known as mountain temple, Buddhist temple in the thousand mountains among the top five in order to "Hung Kuang" known. Qianshan Buddhism monastery is one of the earliest development. Long history, the peak brilliance so far retains the cliff before the Tang Dynasty and the ancient Temple site hemp tile patterns, recorded the vicissitudes of the years, Da Temple. Veda Hall ... View Detail

Pure Land Temple Shuozhou

Located within the county should Dongbei Yu, also known as the North Temple. Golden days will be created in two years (1124). Main hall for the Main Hall, Dading twenty-four years (1184) reconstruction. The original monastery gate, the stupa, King Hall, bell tower, what side hall, Main Hall, rear, Canon House and so on. Today, the remaining Main Hall. Large Male palace main hall for the whole temple was built in twenty-four gold Dading, flat slightly square, brackets Lichtung, they can still ... View Detail

Guangzhou, Wuhan Graves

Sanin County is located in the southwest of the old and new Guang Wu Guang Wu north of the city, a total of 288. Graves South by the mountains, north Shuozhou Hirakawa, overlooking from the south to north, from high to low, cover the mound dotted with large and small. More than ten meters high mound, the lowest has more than three meters. The scale of the sheer number of the first in the country in 1988 was listed as cultural relics protection units, and in the southern end of the construction ... View Detail

Guang Wu Tunbing Fort

Sanin County is located in the south of the Great Wall Yanmenguan is Yanmenguan inside and outside the choke, it is "north gate lock and key," said. Many famous generals, such as Li Mu Zhao, Meng Tian Qin, Han Wei Qing, Li, Huo, Song Yang industry, Ming Yu Qian and so had stationed troops stationed in this, a surprise move which smote the enemy. Therefore we can say, Kwong Wu Tunbing great historical fort and military value. View Detail

Temple of Sorrow

Sanin County is located 35 kilometers south, is located in the eastern foot of the west side of the mountain Cuiwei. Temple also known of the sad tragedy of the Temple, of the sad rock, sheep pack Temple. Jin was founded in the period, continued construction of the Yuan positive fifteen years (AD 1307-1341). Potential near the mountain temple, the temple caves unique connected. Eight of the strange landscape achievements: "sad rock night photos", "Lone Pine monolith", "folder on the first ... View Detail