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Unicorn Mountain Park

The elevation of Kylin Mountain Park is 262m, and named after an old tomb that is Confucius's inscription.The park covers 40 hectare, and there are Kylin Pavilion, Dragon Playing Water, garden, Kylin School and other scenic spots and facilies. Near the mountain, Haoran Pavilion, Juyun Pavilion, Sanyuan Pavilion, Lotus Pavilion, Feishi Pavilion and other pavilions are built. Kylin Pavilion is built on the top of the mountain, it is 24.5m high and 12m width. Standing in the pavilion, you will ... View Detail

BaiYan park

Baiyan Park is built in Baiyan Mountain. It covers an area of 500 mu that including Forest Park, Children Park and Old Men Resting Park. It is located in the city center that it is easy transportation. It is a comprehensive park consisted of traveling, entertainment, relaxation and fitness.Ticket: CNY10 View Detail

On stream

Shangqing River Scenic Spot, located in the northeastern part of Taining County, about 190 kilometres away from Sanming City. Far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, travelling in Shangqing River Scenic Spot will be a wonderful experience that you will never forget. The air is fresh and the river is clean. Therefore, when you travelling in Taining, visiting Shangqing River Scenic Spot is a must.As the upper reaches of Dajin Lake (one of the famous scenic spots in Taining ), Shangqing ... View Detail

Big Lake

The beauty of Dajin Lake in Taining County of Fujian Province in southeastern China knows no boundaries. Land, water and sky have come in complete harmony to perfect a work of art that spreads out to a vast 461.8 square kilometers by the central part of Wuyi Mountain. 166.9 square kilometers out of this total area is danxia topography, a type of landform resulting from years of water and wind erosion and rock movements that shape a particular area into impressive forms and contours with striking ... View Detail

Jiao Wu

Jiao Lake is also called Dragon Pond. It is located in Zhangjia Bay which is 5km away from Swan Cave Group Scenic Area. Jiao Lake is oval with clear water. It covers an area of 18mu, but it is 103m deep that it is the deepest natural inland lake in Fujian Province and it is the rare geologic wonders at home. The water of the lake is so clear that can see fishes swimming. Around the lake, there are many aquatic weeds and old trees. The village beside the lake is the hometown of Huang Chen who is ... View Detail

Jiulong Jiulong Dong group

Sanming jiulong lake is famous tourist attractions of waters area 33 square kilometers, water quality QingLie, no industrial pollution. The product utilizes wild and pollution-free jiulong lake HuangGuYu, wuchang fish wait for rare fish, adopting the traditional crafts with modern technology and refined. Its unique flavor, taste, and excellent rich nutrition, high protein, low adipose, actulaay home travel, daily food, also is the table above relatives and friends good gift!QingLiuXian ShaWu ... View Detail

Nine Dragon

The original name of Jiulong Pond is Huanglong Hillock. Because there are nine rivers like dragons streaming into the pond, it is called Jiulong Pond. The scenic area is a Danxia Lake that is formed according to Danxia landform. The widest is about hundred meters, the narrowest is 1m and the deepest is 18m.The main views on the water including Yinglong Gorge, Quiet Water Alley, Orangutan Pond, Yulong Cliff and others. The main views on the land including Jiulong Pond, Fengdong Stone, Genbao ... View Detail

Shaxi river upstream

River River tourism area is displayed on a emeralds promenade in sanming city scenery, from Chengguan in sanyuan district, bridge, down to the moderator hydropower station, the existing large cruise ships 3, motorboat 18 ships, 55 foot ship, small sampan 9 ships Wharf 2. Tourist may use a boat, launch "cruise sanming", "nightscape leisure visits" appreciate "mountain Jade Hairpin, water for green with Moses, city was sleepless town" mountain landscape, appreciate ... View Detail

Ten advection

Shili Advection is one of ancient "Eight Shayang Sceneries". The water is gently streaming in the reach because of the wide river. The view on the both banks are beautiful.Shaxi River is wriggle and circuitous from upstream to downstream. The green mountains on the both sides are pretty and the buildings are standing near the river. There are also Luo Congyan Memorial Hall, Deng Guangbu Ancestral Hall, Town's God Temple and other locations of ancient culture legacy. And seven green ... View Detail

Under the Grand Canyon Village

The Zhaixia Grand Canyon is located in the Zhaixia village which is 15 km away from the western of the Taining county. The canyon found in June, 2004 is a famous scenic area in Taining world geology park. It is a natural geological museum. The canyon is connected by three canyons, assumes the ring and triangle shape. It seams a golden dragon lieing in hills, so it was named Gold dragon canyon. They are formed primarily by three geology function such as water erosion, gravity avalanche, tectonic ... View Detail