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Sand thousand steps

Thousand steps in the Putuo Shandong coastal sand. Ridge Mountains from a few to look Hai Ting Po under a beach, about 1750 meters, said the thousands of steps of sand, the beach is the largest Putuo Mountain. Broad sand flat, soft and fine sandy net, the northern end of a sand rock roots, the fall-out of the stone the words "listen to tide," the word calligrapher Wang Zhen Wu are from mine. Wang Hai Ting stone steps leading up there. Tang Pavilion overlooking the long endless desert. At ... View Detail


Mountain rock was purple, as seen cypress profile leaves, bamboo-like pattern, as called black bamboo stone. There are also the descendants of black bamboo planted. Five Dynasties Later Liang Chen Ming two years. E from the monks at Mount Wutai, please get Hui Statue, returning the way the wind blocked in this case, in this building, "refusing to go to Goddess of Mercy Hospital" in the black bamboo forests. Goddess of Mercy Hospital before Chaoyin Dong. MEDITATION pool next to a bright, south ... View Detail

Pan Tuo Shi

Pan Tuo Shi phase tired by the upper and lower stone made of stone under a boulder on the wide angle end, Zhou meters wide, protruding at the Shangshih lift up the middle, called "Pan"; Shangshih 2.7 meters wide and nearly 7 meters, the width Under the narrow, diamond-shaped, called "Tuo." Convergence at the upper and lower stone clearance, such as lines,May even seem off, as if the next stone hanging suspended above the Shangshih. "Suspected outer fly, hold hands like God" is the most ... View Detail