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Ying Garden

Nanxun Ying Park is commonly known as "Eight cows," one of the residential garden Qing Chen Xiong, located in Kingston River, an area of 11.07 acres, before it was built Tongzhi first year (1862), after thirteen years, six years in the dynasty ( 1875) completed. Is the basic well-preserved, the Department of FEATURE protection unit. Ying surgery towering ancient park, with over a century old magnolia, wisteria and other incense sticks and greenery. Pavilions along the pool and the building, ... View Detail

Zhang Shiming old house

Zhang Shiming old house, is a wealthy southern, Nanxun "four images," Chang, grandson of one of Zhang Songxian balance of the big house built. Aka Yide Church. Jiangnan remained rare to revive the Ming and Qing history, one of the wealthy mansions, is a Chinese and Western-style buildings of classical architecture. Its peculiar style, a magnificent structure, process of skills, the essence of architecture, known as the "First Jiangnan houses." Xun Zhang Shiming old house overlooking the ... View Detail

Xiao Lianzhuang

Xiaolian Zhuang, also known as "Liu Garden." Nanxun the late Qing Dynasty "Four Images" in the first, Liu Yong Qing Dynasty Guanglu doctor and the family temple where a private garden. Located in the Town partridge creek, in the eleven years Guangxu (1885) by the mirror and the second son of Liu and Liu algae by construction, before and after consuming four decades, built in 1924. Xiaolian Zhuang Mu-yuan due to built in the Song painter Chao, "Lotus Village" in the name called "Xiao Lianzhuang ... View Detail