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Cane Creek Waterfall

Cane Creek Waterfall is located in the town of vine Bilian cold mountains south of Ao Village, is a wonderful waterfall pool multiple, different attitude, Kai heaven. Gong waterfall: xikeng Sanyang valley. About 40 meters high, steep waterfall, such as days of the top door in the middle of a stone block, forcing the waterfall divided into two shares of diarrhea, head and touch the wall halfway Qi, into ten million drops of water splashing, the sound, such as gong. Ta Kwu Tan: waterfall near ... View Detail

Baizhang waterfall

If a large waterfall in the Nanxi Baizhang Rock area, also known as Fu rock waterfall, waterfall government shore. 124 meters high waterfall, the second largest waterfall in Zhejiang. Gaoya waterfall flying from 124 meters, the waterfall next to the encircled on three sides, vertical cliffs, slightly concave, like a large steamer of the longitudinal section of jade, the waterfall from a high cliff flying, suspected white silk thousand feet, Milky Way hung upside down. With the climate in ... View Detail

Second peak

Second peak at large if the rock area, from Narathiwat hole about 2 km. Is the result of a joint rhyolite weathering and water erosion, uplift from the peak group. They mix, something like the vivid image, the venue for shape. Dubbed the people whom take crown peak Hyangnobong, peak, Tianzhu Peak, Lotus Peak, exhibition Qifeng, stalagmites peak, peak Hengqin, Zhuo pen peak, horn peaks, stone peaks, Tongzi Feng. Twelve peaks towering peaks and ridges, peaks often fog, if implicit, if different ... View Detail