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Pacific Rock

Pacific Rock is located in the town of Sha Tau Tamura fishing is a natural gateway Nanxi area, entrance area for the scenic Nanxi. The entrance of the late Mr. Sha Menghai dean of calligraphy inscribed, "getting better" in four pen Bold characters. Linqing River area before and after by cliffs, ancient trees, strange Shi Zhengrong. Main features as scenic Shueisiou odd rock, beach and forest beauty and rich religious culture. The main attractions are: Pacific rock, Wutian beach forest, nine ... View Detail

Yan Shi Mast

Sheng Shi masts at Cape Rock canyon country Ao Village, Atlas valerian, the "south of Zhejiang Tianzhu" reputation, the highest rated Chinese. As a reddish rock 306 meters high, Yan Ding, such as flower stalk bud, shoulder to shoulder and Song, the shape of the mast, hence the name Stone masts rock. River Rock is surrounded by stone masts, and masts across river stone relative Peaks, surrounded by ring set, then less than a half high, are not with them, "stature", "in the far distance, no not ... View Detail

Nine riverbank Shimentai

Shimentai nine riverbank area in Narathiwat big hole if NATO rock 3 kilometers, nine because of a valley known waterfall. Nine nine riverbank is not a waterfall, but the nine waterfalls. Source from a pulse, a form of a riverbank, a scene of a riverbank, structured, self as inclusive. Who is concerned for the Waterfall, like this one in less than 3 km stream, can see the attitude changing, varied scenery of the nine waterfalls, the world is indeed rare. Flying stacked nine riverbank, source ... View Detail

Cliff Library

If the mouth in a small 2.5 km north west of the valley, a stream 1 km long, 30 meters wide, 300 m high steep sides, only the exposed stretch of blue sky, the famous cliff library. Visitors to this, reminding us of scenes exposure to the alley in the skyscraper, the black ghost of a child ghost of a child of the cliff peaks come from both sides of the pressure to the people, only the midday summer, only see a few minutes of sunshine. Library into the cliff, cliff face Chihiro, difficult to ... View Detail