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Pigeons to nest before

Jardim Luis de Camoes, a shady park full of large trees and granite boulders covered in ferns, contains a grotto built in honour of the great sixteenth-century Portuguese poet, Luis de Camoes, who is thought to have been banished here for part of his life. Immediately east, though, is the real gem, the Old Protestant Cemetery, where all the non-Catholic traders, visitors, sailors and adventurers who happened to die in Macau were buried. The gravestones have been restored and are quite legible, ... View Detail

Senado Square

The Senado Square, or Senate Square, is a paved area in the centre of the former Portuguese colony of Macau, China, enclosed by the buildings of the Leal Senado, the General Post Office, and St. Dominic's Church. The square is paved in the traditional Portuguese pavement. The main road of Macau's historic centre, Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro passes through the square. The square is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site "Historic Centre of Macau".Senado Square has been Macau's ... View Detail

Second, Flora Park

Flora Park is located in Avenida de Sidónio Pais, is one of the largest parks in Macau. The Two Dragons Flora Palace in the past, was Australian Governor';s residence of this early century. After Australian Governor vacated the courtyard, the yard was open for public tours, and then changed into a park.Early, the park is located in the zone of Flora Palace, the palace was a noble house of Portugal. In the period of twenty years, due to a nearby plant explosion firecrackers been implicated in ... View Detail

Gangding ago to

Gangding Foreland was called Mopan Mountain in the old times, was also belong to the zone of unban area. Although the section was not large, it was quiet and beautiful environment. The landscape of humanistic religious was assemble, and you could find world cultural heritage round it.The famous buildings including Augustine Church, Society of Jesus Site, Dom Pedro V Theatre, St. Joseph Church, He Dong Library, Caine Road outside Caritas Centre and so on.Traffic: Bus 18 View Detail

Lotus Square

The Lotus Square or Golden Lotus Square is an open area in the former Portuguese colony of Macau, now a Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China. The area features the large sculpture of "Lotus Flower In Full Bloom" presented by the State Council of the People's Republic of China in 1999, marks the transfer of the sovereignty of Macau from Portugal to the People's Republic of China. The sculpture, made of gilded bronze and weights 6.5 tons, is 6 ... View Detail

Lou Lim Ioc Park

The only classical Chinese style gardens in the Hong Kong and Macau region, the Lou Lim Loc Gardens are a harmonious and charming arrangement of pretty pavilions, delicate terraces, towers, ponds, bridges and winding corridors. The main body of the garden contains a zigzagging bridge, spectacular rockery, a secluded bamboo wood and miniature waterfall. Small paths meander through the rocks, and in summer the trees and plants flower while the garden's waterways can become completely obscured ... View Detail

Screw Hill Park

Screw Hill Park Screw Hill Park is located across from the Macao Bowes high school full of lush trees and a planting hill ,tn requin pas cher, is a construction and design are unique park. Park built around the entire hill with two trails,GHD gl?tteisen, trails with access to a platform , in this sense can be a beautiful scenery in China . Park, mountain building , scenic , tree-lined everywhere. The highest point of the park built a screw -shaped hill, with the spiral Road Rock Hill can direct ... View Detail

South Bay Park

Nanwan Park is a pretty collection of gardens and parkland situated between Nanwan Street and Jialatang Street. The gardens are divided into two parts: the upper and the lower gardens and are connected by as series of staircases which creep up the hill. On the upper level, at the foot of Dongwangyang Hill, is a two-storey round tower built to honor WWI soldiers but now converted into the Headquarters of the Association for the Handicapped. This is an exquisite Portuguese style building with ... View Detail

Lilau to

Return to Rua Central, continuing south, where the street will become first Rua de Sao Lourenco and then Rua da Barra, from where it will open up onto Largo do Lilau. Arguably Macau's most quintessentially Portuguese square, Largo do Lilau may lack the grandeur of Largo do Senado but the cluster of low rise, almost cottage like houses that bank the square and streets surrounding it, decked in pastel tones and featuring wooden shutterings, are an authentic slice of small town Portugal in the ... View Detail