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Shihmen Lake

Tourist guide The depth of the lake to feel the quiet and picturesque Shek Mun, select boating during which no doubt is the best way. A vivid spectacle of a surface, allowing you to experience the people in the middle of the comfortable art journey. Introduction StoneCitylink Guanzhi Shan Lake is located southeast of the door, and with Guanzhi Shan scenic area adjacent to tighten. Shimen Lake area of four hundred acres, such as a piece of jade, set in the Xianfeng Qi Guan Zhishan valley. ... View Detail

Guan Zhishan

Tourist guide Guanzhi Shan ("tai" sound zhài) as a national key scenic spots, is located 1.5 kilometers east of county Citylink. This is a sharply from the ground of the towering mountain, its peak like giant crown, hence the name "Guan Zhi." Guanzhi Shan Shan Jun Shi Qi, Yuan Wang To put the lotus, also known as lotus. It was together with the Wuyi Mountain, and known as the "North Yinan Zhi, Danxia Shuangjue." Introduction The most valuable hand-written with Lin when the horizontal tablet ... View Detail

Lai source cave

Lai source connected karst caves in south-west of Lai Yuan Xiang County, in the nearly two square kilometers of limestone hills in thirteen large and small cave, the cave rocks scales Xun, rugged terrain, the holes have holes, stacked tunnel , winding, unpredictable depth, such as the maze maneuver, known as "the first Cave East Group", the famous three holes "quiet piano Hole" "Sin Yun-dong" "Shi Yan hole." "Quiet piano hole" in the cave spring water trickle flow in the crevice between the ... View Detail

In Mountain

Sea mountain temple of Chinese Temple is located in the new springs with the territory of County, was built during the Hongwu years, is one of the Fujian temple. Monastery surrounded by green trees, green bamboo trees, quiet environment. An area of 4,000 square meters. Temple built in King Hall, dedicated to four kings, as well as Life Pond, Ikegami';s arch through the Main Hall, Hall 14 meters deep, 18 meters wide, the median for the Kegon Trinity, the image of the magnificent and majestic. ... View Detail

Chih-Kai Village

Chih-Kai is located in the south with County, 500 years of history, Fujian Province is the second batch of historical and cultural village, mainly inhabited by Huang, Yang, Qiu, Hua four Hakka surname, Huang, Yang majority of the two surnames. Since the Ming and Qing dynasties of ancient buildings, Chih-Kai has built a 74 ancestors of ancient temples, 139 ancient houses, these large-scale Ming and Qing architecture, known as "the Hakka Big House." These ancient buildings are part of the memory ... View Detail

Bamboo Safety Village

Bamboo Safety Village 5 km northeast from the county, only 1.5 kilometers away from the Guanzhi Shan. Peaks and ridges stand here, a deep valley secluded spring, local people said "lifting the House Village", also known as "Ma Tau mountains." Also known as "Bamboo An Village", put the bamboo meaning reported safety. , Height 660 meters radius of 4.2 square kilometers, random passers-Ching plug, pull the hook thorn clothing, a thick outer wall Wild. Close to the core area, Shoko getting close, ... View Detail

Old residential buildings Peitian

Aspect Is also a Hakka, the architectural styles Peitian had a reputation in the earth building. Compared to the closed and solid earth building, training and field houses are open and elegant look. This unique style of the Hakka compound for the South';s damp climate, the courtyard-style building in the Central Plains on the basis of model of innovation to be made. ; Recommended: 1 Peitian people Orchid Pavilion "Peilan Chik Kwai" Ya well, no matter the size of the house';s courtyard in the ... View Detail

Even the revolutionary members of the Southern District full site (family temple, and Wang Yun Zhang grass Room)

Even the site of the Revolutionary Committee of the Southern District (Zhang Family Temple) located in the new spring with County township, forty-five years of Ming Dynasty (1617) to build, brick cottage, with upper and lower halls, on both sides of corridors, courtyards and on the between the Office, there Cuanjian Ding Ting connected. Gate in the "Cultural Revolution" was demolished during the 1980 restoration, is now turned into spring with a new revolution in County Hall Gallery, displayed ... View Detail

Woodblock printing base Sibao

Aspect Citylink is the Ming and Qing dynasties Sibao four famous block printing base, the existing large number of Indian Square, engraving, printing tools, and ancient books, is currently the old, perfectly preserved, rare in the world of precious relics. Introduction & Nbsp; Citylink Sibao published "Kangxi", "Golden Lotus" and a thousand kinds of books printed in China, occupies an important position in the history. May 1999 by the provincial people';s government as a "provincial ... View Detail