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Wuxi mountains

Nine Huashan Long Creek, misty river, Lan River, Sungai, Shu River Meeting Notes mountains in Wuxi, the Guichi Meron into the Yangtze River, named "Wuxi." Since ancient times, a bridge, also known as "Five Xiqiao." Beautiful here, there are clear Scholars, officials Hubushilang Wang Shan Tomb; since ancient times as a majestic view of Mount Jiu Hua';s the best place. Circular Road, the modern interpretation of poem reads: "Five Springs to make a spring, into the Okawa river scenery sent. Sam ... View Detail

Flower table

Will Sianfong formerly located in the southern peak, Mid North Peak, elevation 1006 meters. Peak pillars, "Shiren" Lolli, ginseng tea delivered, as if the Assembly of Immortals similar to come here gathered, hence the name. According to legend, had rates of micro-known Tangdao Shi Zhao Dengfeng only Mooncake, dinner Qunxian. Chen Yan poem: "Sin sleeve of a robe fluttering brush Tsui top, slightly to the Yan Qunxian know, the mountains on earth wind and rain, before the letter Xianjia do not ... View Detail

Flower bed area

Flower bed is located in scenic Jiuhuashan area northwest of the south roof area, west Min Park area, east and north respectively, and the mountain area east of the river area, an area of about 10 square kilometers. Granite has a very typical scenic terrain features, the original natural landscape, clean, Kerry Wood verdant year-round, spring ding-dong. Widespread area within the old trees, mix. Buddhist HeritageAddress many, many Dasi';an mountain streams are built on the door, or directly to ... View Detail