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Luhu Park

Luhu Lake, also called Golden Liquid Pool, covers a water area of 25 hectares. As a manmade lake built by using voluntary labor of Guangzhou citizens in 1958, it is one of top three reservoirs in the Baiyun Mountain scenic area and one of top four manmade lakes in Guangzhou. Jufang Park Located at the north bank of Luhu Lake, it leans against a mountain and neighbors water. Covering a land area of 400,000 square meters, it is a shade plant-themed park. Honghu Building is a Chinese-style ... View Detail

Tianhe Sports Center

This characteristic building group is Tianhe Sports Center, of which Guangzhounese is proud. The scale of this building group is magnificent and the momentum is great. It is a great landscape in GuangZhou and a bright spot on the core line of New Tianhe Town. Here was once an obsolete airfield and Tianhe Sports Center was built for the 9th National Game of china. This center was started in July, 1984 and completed in August in 1984. It includes a stadium having a capacity of sixty thousands ... View Detail

Tianhe Park

It is a large natural park in Tianhe, covering 70.7 hectares (1/7 is a lake). Other than the nice lake view, it features two state-of-art reproductions of award-winning landscaped gardens - Yuehui and Yuexiu. The picturesque Yuehui Garden presents typical elegant Ling-nan (Guangdong) landscaping, nestled at lakeside and willows. The scenes of rippling blossoms at stone cliffs and a sea of various palm trees are not-to-miss. The original Yuehui brought Guangdong province the Best Displayed ... View Detail

Po Garden Island

Po Garden Island is located southeast of Nansha town, South on Grand Cape Mount, north of PuZhou hill. There are tow area in the park, East and West District,The horizontal axis of the East District,connected puzhou and Big Horn Mountains; ups and downs in the Western District, Park Road circular zigzag, Fusion Oriental essence of landscape, two natural transition area to the Lake, unified whole. Main attractions:Water stone Park , Palm Park, Science Park, Dihua garden, Yinsheng garden, water ... View Detail

Tropic of Cancer landmark tower in Guangzhou

Tropic of Cancer landmark tower in Guangzhou is located in Conghua City, 42 km from Guangzhou and it is the world's highest altitude landmark tower of Tropic of Cancer. The Tower covers an area of 1024 square meters, 23.5 meters high with rocket type. In addition, the main part of the Tower is made of mixed structure of granite. Tower bottom is spherical, in the middle of Granite paving, carved dome profile, diameter 4 cm brass columns embedded in the center point. Top for stainless steel tube ... View Detail

Zengcheng white kiosk

Baishui Village was located in Zengcheng city, only one an a half hour by car from downtown Guangzhou, Baishui (White Water) Village is a good choice of resort. The Biggest Waterfall (Drop in Elevation) in Mainland China The Baishui waterfall resort covers about 170 square kilometers and the drop in elevation reaches 428.5 meters. It is called the biggest waterfall drop in mainland China. It's an unforgettable experience to stand in the rising mist beside the waterfall surrounded by the ... View Detail

Grand Cape Mount Fort

Grand Cape Mount Fort is a national key cultural relic protection units. Grand Cape Mount Fort fort humen topped the west bank, and ShaJiao fort confrontation across the river, yushui humen waterway export, constitute humen fortress first line of defense. During the opium war, brave Chinese servicemen and civilians and foreign invaders of life-and, wrote the heroic epic poem. traffic: Subway line 4 to huangge station,then take the 361A ,361 B bus to temple of the stop. View Detail

Liwan Lake Park

Liwan Lake Park displays the elegant and gentle beauty of southern China with a lake as its central attraction. The park is located in the Pantang area in Liwan district. The park obtained its name from an ancient river bend on West Pearl River, Lizhiwan, which means "lychee bend": the area is famous for its lychee trees. Liwan Park was bulit in 1958, covering an area of about 400,000 square meters, and the lake covers about 2 / 3. Liwan Lake Park was named in the ancient West Pearl ... View Detail

Guangdong Olympic Stadium

The Guangdong Olympic Stadium, also known as the Aoti Main Stadium, is a multi-purpose stadium in Guangzhou, People's Republic of China. Currently used mostly for football matches, the stadium was built in 2001. It has a capacity of 80,012 with multi-colored seats, positioned in multiple sections, and are connected via a ribbon pattern.History The Guangdong Olympic Stadium was opened to the public for the ninth National Games of the People's Republic of China in 2001. It was ... View Detail

Fire mountain

Furnace Mountain located in the North-East of Tianhe district, Guangzhou City, about three kilometres long, can see Lisuo , Lotus tree, Huolinan and Hainan red beans, kapok, tropical and subtropical broadleaf species, eveywhere. Shaped like a gourd, known as the calabash mountains, Guangzhou vernacular "gourd" and "fire" sounds the same, also known as the fire mountain. While the main peak of the white top, altitude 321.8 m. The mountain perfectly round, gentle slope, ... View Detail