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The eastern outskirts of the park

Eastern outskirts of Park located in the north side of the Huangpu Road. Founded in 1928, the Guangzhou government "Lin Yang" (also known as the stele forest) ,in 1933 to commemorate Sun Yat-sen was renamed Zhongshan Park. After the liberation of Guangzhou from August 1950 to the end of 1953, the Government of the park, a large area of afforestation, and the park is divided into the forest of Zhongshan and Zhongshan orchard field, and in 1957 changed its name to Forest Park, renamed ... View Detail

Crocodile Park

Guangzhou Crocodile Park is one component of the larger Chimelong Tourism Resort. With over 2000 in area and over 100 thousand crocodiles, the park is the largest crocodile themed amusement park in the world. Guangzhou Crocodile Park consists of seven different areas and brings the guests an astonishing experience of standing among 100 thousand crocodiles. Want real thrill? Come to Crocodile Park! Want real thrill? Come to Crocodile Park! Splashing pool, wildly biting crocodiles, and ... View Detail

Fengtai Rover

The Fengtai Rover in Licheng Town Qianjing Road ,include: Hexiangu well, Wanshou Temple , Phoenix Pavilion, Museum, Youth Palace, TV University and other attractions. The mountains also placed the Southern Song Dynasty right prime minister Cui contrast Ming monument and the Qing Dynasty door cannons and other archaeological finds. According to legend, the XiNing northern song dynasty (1074), A pair of phoenix in the SpringKong circling , and then inhabit the post on the woods, a long time ... View Detail

Guangzhou Cultural Park

Cultural Park, located in central Guangzhou, covers an area of 83,000 square meters and is the largest entertainment complex of the city. Complete with an indoor theater, an outdoor theater, a story-telling stage, a video game arcade and a roller-skating rink, the park attracts many visitors everyday. It is the major centre for large scale entertainment in Guangzhou. Inside the park is an ancient style complex consisting of city walls, a courtyard, houses, palaces and gardens. The complex is ... View Detail

Ten Heung Yuen

Ten fragrant Garden, also known as Geshan humble cottage in the Qing dynasty ,There are 10 kinds of fragrant flower such as jasmine and a variety of plants, also known as ten fragrant Park. Located in haizhu district, 3rd Huaide Street , Geshan village, South of Geshan , North of Mayong , surrounded with green brick wall into the small courtyard, quiet, full of poetic. Qingyun lane on the East wall with red sandstone paving. Open a West gate , brick lane into the garden, is the Lingnan Art ... View Detail

Shimen National Forest Park

There are not so many places that you can go to see fall foliage in Guangzhou. Locals usually flock to Shimen National Forest Park for their fall colors trips. Shimen Park enjoys the good name "Guangzhou Fragrance Hill". The park has 494.2 acres of red autumnal leaves, and embraces features of a south subtropical zone. The park mainly contains three categories of trees: maple, sapium discolor and red maple, which mostly grow in the park's Pastoral Areas, Shimen Scenic Area and ... View Detail

Zhongshan Memorial Hall

Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, situated on the southern slope of Yuexiu Hill, was constructed between 1929 and 1931, a monument to Dr Sun Yat-sen, the forerunner of Chinese democratic revolution, by the people of Guangzhou and overseas Chinese. The hall, a grand octagon building of typical Chinese architectural style, looks brand new because of reconstruction in 1998. The masterpiece of architecture history is created with a span of 71 meters (about 78 yards) without a pillar but significant ... View Detail

Guangdong Provincial Museum

Guangdong Provincial Museum was built in 1959 and is located at 215 Wenming Lu. The museum is a round-topped three-storied building with a hall in the center which is surrounded by corridors. The big yard of Guangdong Provincial Museum was originally the Gongyuan (the imperial examination centre) of Guangdong in the Qing Dynasty (1644 to 1911). Inside the yard, there are several national cultural heritage sites, such as the Site of the First National Congress of the Chinese Nationalist Party ... View Detail

Guangdong Science Center

Located on Xiao Guwei Island, part of the Guangzhou University City area, the Guangdong Science Centre is about 20km away from Guangzhou urban city. The Centre covers about 450,000 square meters and a construction area of about 120,000 square meters. The Centre combines popular science education concepts and demonstration models with a center for conferences and academic exchange. The centre vividly exhibits the history of science and technology along with current and future developments to ... View Detail

Deng Shichang Memorial

The Memorial Hall of General Deng Shichang was built in 1994 in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of national hero Deng Shichang's death for his country. The memorial hall is based in the Deng Clan Hall, where Deng Shichang was born. It features the Exhibition on General Deng Shichang and the Naval Battle of 1894, and contains a noble bottle tree planted by Deng Shichang and the Shichang Well, which was once used by Deng Shichang. In 1999, the Haizhu District Government established ... View Detail