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Bridging voiceless

Flying under the bridge in Qingyin Ge, shaped like a rainbow volley over. "Bridging" is a combined two bridges, said bridges left and right two rivers, one originated from the Heilongjiang Guro-dong, first originated in the Bailongjiang Lei Dongping, Pentium water from two rivers, the bus here. Dihydrate name of convergence between the mouth of Phoenix, there are cattle pavilion, Zhu Lan Hongzhu, lean on a railing with a black under considerable stone pavilion, about 2 meters high, the color ... View Detail

Voiceless Pinghu

Voiceless Pinghu is one of the ten new Mt. In Qingyin Ge, an area of 30 million square meters, the Department of green lake, the water pure and clear through the end. Surrounded by green peaks around the Green Crest, ancient trees, such as jade embedded in the lake, deep and shallow, bit by bit, I really do not know the tree reflects green lake, or Lake dyed green tree. Exposure in the meantime, just listen to treed Department, Ming cicada sound, mountain breeze blowing, the slightest moisture ... View Detail