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    Located in Shaojiadu Village, Gaoqiao Town five miles west to Ningbo City, the Liang Shanbo Temple is built with a sitting statue of the couple, with Zhu Yingtai dressed in phoenix coronet and embroidered cape sitting on the right side of Liang Shanbo. The rear hall is their bedroom set with a vermilion wooden bed, behind which is the couple's tomb. People in Ningbo City tend to worship the temple for bliss of eternal love of couples.

    The beautiful story of Liang-Zhu has been handed down for centuries and it has erased the tragic tone. To further provoke the cultural connotations of the love story, the China Travel Service and the local government began, since 1995, to establish Liang-Zhu Cultural Park based on Liang Shanbo Temple and Liang-Zhu Tomb. The park is connected with River Yao and occupies 300 Chinese Mu. Based on the plot of the love story, a series of scenic spots are under construction. They are "Caotang Jiebai (Meet in the Cottage)", " San Zai Tongchuang(Three Years' Living Together)", "Shiba Xiangsong(9 Kilometers See-off)", "Loutaihui" (Meet at the Tower)", "Huadie Tuanyuan(Reunion as Butterflies). The construction of the park adopts the lay-out of the typical southern buildings of pavilions, terraces, mansions, and houses on terraces and intends to create the effect of walking scenery of hills upon hills and gardens in gardens.