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Address: Haidian District, Beijing Xishan foot, by bus 698 Road, 714 Road, 630 Road, special 5,360 Road, 318 Road, 331 Road, 854 Road, 505 Road, 634 Road, 696 Road, Xiangshan stop.

By car:
1, from the Fifth Ring Road to the Fragrant Hills: Yukari Road exit rings, around the island to the northwest by the fragrant spring (with signpost) and thenAbout 5 minutes to drive.

2, from the Fourth Ring Road to the Fragrant Hills: City of Victoria by the universal bridge exit to the northwest (with signpost), after Min Zhuang Road, River Road intersection north to the dry line around the island to the northwest by the fragrant spring (a signpost ), then drive about 5 minutes to.

3, from Xiangshan South Road to the Fragrant Hills: After hongqicun drive north to the west junction Reclining Buddha (with signpost), then about 5 minutes to drive.

4, from the Summer Palace to the Fragrant Hills: traveling west from the Tsing Lung Bridge, after the red car, Goddess House, to the fragrant spring island to the northwest (with guidingCard) and then about 5 minutes to drive.

Season ticket fare (each 1 April to 15 November) 10 million, low season fares (each November 16 to March 31) 5 million, student ID half price. Each monthly 10, season tickets, 30 yuan.

Ticket time: peak season each year April 1 to June 30 ,6:00-18: 30; year July 1 to August 31 ,6:00-19: 00; each September 1To November 15 6:00-18:30; off-season a year November 16 to March 31 ,6:00-18: 00.

Garden Notes
To create a civilized and harmonious tourism environment, related to the vital interests of each visitor. Civilized tourists we all obligations to comply with the following conventions:
1, to maintain environmental hygiene. Do not spit and chewing gum, no litter, not smoking smoking.
Comply with the order. Do not shout, queuing to comply with the order, not parallel out of the way, not in public places, loud conversation.
3, protect the environment. Do not trample the green, do not pick folded flowers and fruit, do not chase to catch the cast to play, chaos to feed the animals.
4, the protection of cultural relics. Engraved not painted heritage, do not climb to touch artifacts, photographs the camera comply with the requirements.
5, the care of public facilities. Do not deface the room supplies, damage to public facilities not greedy Zhanxiaopianyi, save water and electricity, meals not wasted.
6, respecting the rights of others. Not forced, and acquaintances photo, do not sneeze in front of others, not long-term occupation of public facilities, respect for labor service, and respect for their religious practices.
7, pay attention to courtesy. Neatly dressed appropriately, not in public places, bare-naked; courteous young and old, sick, courteous, Ms.; speak foul language.
8, to promote healthy entertainment. Resist the feudal superstitious activities, and refuse the pornography, gambling, drugs.

Guided tours
Tour route:
South line: Qinzheng, - static the Cuihu - Cuiwei Pavilion - Shuangqing Villa - Happy Garden - Xiangshan Temple. (Estimated time 1.5 hours)

North line: Qinzheng, - known Pine - Zhao Temple - see Shinsaibashi - glasses Lake - ropeway - Temple of Azure Clouds. (Estimated time 1.5 hours)