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Fragrant Hills Park is located west of Beijing, covers an area of 180 hectares, is a long history and rich cultural heritage, imperial gardens with forest characteristics. Xiangshan early as 1186 there have been human landscape. West Beijing Xiangshan Temple, who have the highest temple. Qing Dynasty Emperor Qianlong built in massive construction projects in the Twenty Eight Providence Park, Xiangshan, Providence Park, West Beijing accounted for the famous "Three Hills and Five Gardens" in the mountain park. 1860, 1900, Xiangshan, Providence Park has been British and French troops, the Boxer Rebellion burned. 1949, after having repaired most of the attractions.

Fragrant Hills Park, many cultural relics, PavilionTaiwan pavilion over the mountains like the stars, between one of the famous Yanjing "Qingxue Western Hills"; a national key cultural relics protection units "Temple of Azure Clouds"; a patriotism education base the work of Chairman Mao Zedong lived a "double clear villa" ; a memory of great men Jinian Sheng century to "Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall"; have the last remaining domestic wood paste "Ocean five hundred" (within the Temple of Azure Clouds); a rather quaint southern courtyard features "see the heart" and a scenic spot.

Should the western suburbs of Beijing Beijing than the modern metropolis as the "back garden." So, the Fragrant Hills Park has a long history of "the spring flowers are blooming, cool and pleasant summer, autumn redDan leaves floating, winter forests dressed in white, "the natural landscape, a western suburb of Beijing';s Green Valley" oxygen bar. "Trees in many parks, the forest coverage rate of 96%, only the old trees have more than 5800 strains, the park has a unique The "mountains, famous springs, trees, autumn leaves" resources.

Fragrant leaves are renowned worldwide in 1986 was named "New Beijing sixteen King," one of the most beautiful autumn became the capital of a landscape, every late autumn (October to mid-November mid), tens of thousands of foreign tourists gathered in Xiangshan, Dramas Autumn.

Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall: This hall was originally the house of Puming Miaojue. March 12, 1925, Sun Yat-sen died in Beijing, his coffin was parked in the Temple of Azure Clouds throne of the highest tower at the King, four years later, Sun Yat-sen';s coffin to the Purple Mountain in Nanjing, he had set in this Temple hall, held a grand public memorial and condolences, and then opened up here, "Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall" for people to pay their last respects. Plaque hanging on the lintel personally by Soong Ching Ling, the book "Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall," the six characters.

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Whenthe lakewas built for the Republic ofglasses.Constituted by the two pools, shaped like glasses,Hence the name. Brick side of the mountain Stones Cave of Hubei, the water formed shuiliandong cited Zhuoxi area. Lake southeast of "Yash Pavilion" one, built in 1992, as the cross-Zhong Yan, Soviet-style painting.

Xiangshan cable: set up at the top of the north gate to Hyangnobong a total length of nearly kilometers, divided into upper, middle, and lower stations. One-way cable 50 yuan per person on weekdays, weekends and statutory holidays, 60 per one-way per person, children half price under 1.2 meters.

Fragrant leaves are renowned as the capital of the most beautiful one in autumn landscape. Fragrant Hills Park Tour Map

Fragrant Hills outside the gate there is of "trading Xiangshan Street", all kinds ofXiangshan specialty snacks and are for sale. End of the street is the bus terminus.