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King Kong leg is located in the lower minjiang River in Changle city air of shilong town under the mountain cliffs, approximately 30 km from urban areas. It is a stretch from the foothills to the River surface of granitic rocks, shaped like King Kong King of thighs, soles wearing boots, toe cocked it is called "King Kong leg". Min River water and water for the East China sea boundaries here, outside the salt water, fresh water. Fujian people Hanseatic town of ice on the huge stone inscriptions "King Kong wash one's feet" four characters.  

4.83 m King Kong leg foot elevation, elevation 8.42 m ankle, knee 12.62 meters, the leg bends over the vacant, as an arch bridge, which is quite spectacular, is one of the natural scenic spots in Fuzhou, and five Tiger reef, North-South and minjiang turtle, the Emperor, and so on, listed as "Min River seven scene". King Kong leg of Changle in the Hou Yu. The previous two years, went to see King Kong leg, except the Bigfoot monster, is the glistening yellow of the Min River. Now go to see King Kong leg, but turned into a beautiful park. If on a summer evening, you can enjoy the cool natural air, on one side you can impart slapping the water on the shore of the softest sound, just like blowing schlaflied, away from the bustle of the city, but also give you a day of quiet.  

King Kong leg near the River surface width up to 450 m, depth of 50 meters, through more than 20,000 cubic metres of water per second, is upstream of taijiang, lots more than 10 times, but always Tai Shui are not flooded than King Kong legs ankles, it is "flood flooded but said King Kong leg", which was seen as the natural signs of high water level and flood peaks in minjiang river navigation.

It is said that King Kong original two legs, the other one in the North Bank, with their existing it across the River. Fuzhou Wan Shouqiao in ancient times there was a pier to collapse and cast many of the stones were swept away by the raging river, a number of methods have been built up. Later, a monk who thinks here rapid flow, an unusual stones, of course, impossible to take shelter, only King Kong leg cut with vows to sink in the river bottom, before laying the river water. Later on people after that King Kong leg sinking down into the River, pier was very easy to fix. This matter is contained in the Changle County records.

Now hold this King Kong leg above the famous Navy veteran general question in the Hanseatic town of ice "King Kong wash one's feet" four-word inscriptions. Jingang leg five Tiger reef, South and minjiang turtles, Emperor equivalent as "seven scenes of minjiang River."