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Erhai called as "Ye Yu water", also known as "West er River," "Kun Mi River" is from the west er River collapsed to form the highland lakes, shape like the ear, although an area of no Dianchi Lake, a large, but because of water depth, water storage capacity than Dianchi Lake Tai.

Cangshan Erhai Lake, mountains and rivers, the north end of town Eryuan River County, South only Dali Shimonoseki, altitude 1972 meters, north to south and 41.5 kilometers, an area of about 251 square kilometers, because the lake resembles the shape of the ear, hence the name of Erhai Lake. Mission Hill at the southern tip of Lake Erhai Erhai there is a park, is the view of the benefits of watching the Cangshan Erhai.

Look down from the air, Erhai WanSuch as the new moon, quietly lying on the hills and by between Dali Bazi. Erhai Lake, a total of 3 islands, 4 continents, 5 Lake, 9. Erhai Lake is a fault the fall, the water crystal clear, highly transparent, has long been known as the "mountains, flawless jade." Legend in the growth of a gigantic sea of jade cabbage, Yingying blue lake that is a bit of jade cabbage from the bottom of my heart pouring out of the Yu Ye Qin.

Erhai Lake to the hills of the impact between a fan-shaped Pingba, where fertile farmland, villages connected to Three Pagodas stand upright and straight, known as "landscape art galleries," said the scenery, attractions, folk blend.

Small pier park along the stone steps climbing, board to the top, you can see the cornices Qiaojiao the Wanghai, walking in the Wanghai promenade, ahead in the distance, hills panoramic view of Lake Erhai.

Dali';s natural scenery, is the most unique mountain, water';ll stay composed of a variety of landscape. The water mentioned here, refers to the Erhai Lake. To Dali, in any case should go to the edge of Erhai Lake to see.


Erhai Lake is convenient to go from the city, within walking distance to theAlso can take the 2 bus to the village only Terminal (Terminal), is the Erhai Lake cruise terminal, you can play or take a carriage (in advance with the owner on a good price.) Erhai Lake from Shimonoseki to the terminal, can take the 6 bus or taxi.


Erhai Park free, Erhai Lake cruise 142 yuan / person, including Nanzhao style island tickets, fees, and Bai conservation Erhai three tea dance performances.