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Notice of Beijing Municipal People's Government
Tiananmen Square is the country held political rallies and welcome the important places, the l)onging for the place of people of all nationalities. In order to ensure the Tiananmen Square solemn, solemn, clean, good social order, according to the relevant state laws and regulations, and special notice as follows:
Tiananmen Square, including east to the Museum of History in front of the west to the Great Hall of the west side of the road, south Zhengyangmen, North Meridian Gate area. Any units and individuals in Tiananmen Square consciously law-abiding, civilized courtesy, hygiene, care of public facilities.
2)without the approval of the City People's Government, in Tiananmen Square are not allowed processions, rallies, lectures, are not allowed to write, distribute, post, suspension, or place on display any publicity material.
3)prohibits any form of damaging the prestige in Tiananmen Square, disturb public order or impair public safety, to hinder all the activities of the city appearance.
4)Not approved by the administrative department for industry and commerce and public security organs, are not allowed to warn that the operation of commercial service industry in Tiananmen Square.
(5)Any unit or individual must consciously abide by the provisions of this Circular, in Tiananmen Square, to duty, the command of the management staff. Violation, duty, and management of the masses of the people have the right to be advised to stop. Do not listen to advice, to stop by the public security organs according to the seriousness of the case shall be dealt with severely.

Tiananmen Square underground pedestrian management
Tiananmen Square underground pedestrian (hereinafter referred to as "channel") is an important transport facilities in the Tiananmen area. In order to ensure the smooth flow of the "channel", cleanliness and safety, in accordance with relevant state regulations, special notice as follows:
1)A channel ban on motor vehicles, motor vehicle (excluding disabled persons wheelchairs) to pass.
2)Pedestrians are not allowed to stay in the channel, slapstick, grab on and grabbed.
3)Any units and individuals are not allowed in the channel offers business stalls or other business activities.
4)is strictly prohibited channel, writing, painting, carved, posters and advertisements to place on display publicity materials.
5)is strictly prohibited spitting, urinating, throwing the benches. All damage to destroy the channel the behavior of the environment and public facilities is strictly prohibited.
Pedestrians within the channel entrance, and channel should be subordinated to duty, the command of managers. Violation of the notice of the above provisions, the duty, managers and citizens have the right to be advised to stop. Not listen to advice to stop, by the public security organs according to the seriousness of the case dealt with according to law.

To pay tribute to the People's Heroes Monument Note
1)A People's Heroes Monument is a national key revolutionary relics. And consciously safeguard the People's Heroes Monument solemn, solemn, cleanliness and good order.
2)Visitors to the masses outside the fence of the People's Heroes Monument underlying viewing. Without approval will not be allowed to enter the fence within the region.
3)held in commemoration of the People's Heroes Monument, subject to the approval of the Beijing Municipal People's Government and Tiananmen Square District Management Committee.
4)to lay a wreath at the Monument to the People's Heroes, baskets, wreaths, flowers, and subject to the Tiananmen Square District Management Committee agreed to five days in advance of registration formalities.
5)Without approval, shall not, in the People's Heroes Monument barrier, photography, video, film.
6)are not allowed in the People's Heroes Monument, written or carved, are not allowed to hang or put other items. Are not allowed to sit anywhere, laughter, slapstick, damage to property and the grass. Never carry inflammable and explosive dangerous goods inside.
7)No spitting, throwing cigarette butts, paper, fruits, leather and nuclear waste. Prohibited fouling.
8)violation of the above provisions, by the Tiananmen Square District Management Committee, together with relevant departments for punishment. The circumstances are serious, they shall be held responsible.

Tiananmen Square up (down) Measures for the Administration of the flag ceremony Organization
1)Tiananmen Square flag is a symbol of the People's Republic of China, Tiananmen Square should be a day hoisting the national flag in accordance with the provisions of the Flag Law.
2)Tiananmen Square up (down) flag ceremony is to be submitted to the State Council for approval by the Beijing Municipal People's Government on May 1, 1991 after the formal implementation into festive flag-raising ceremony Day flag-raising ceremony.
3)the annual New Year's Day, Spring Festival, International Labor Day, National Day and monthly 1,11,21 day festival flag-raising ceremony. Festive flag-raising ceremony by the People's Armed Police flag guard 38 people, 62 Band, the implementation of the road when playing "Ode to the Motherland", playing "national anthem when the flag-raising.
4) other times on weekdays and flag-raising ceremony. Implementation and weekdays flag-raising ceremony by the national flag guard 38, the flag-raising play the recording of the "national anthem".
5)The flag-lowering ceremony is executed independently by the national flag guard, no music.
6)The time the sun rising and setting of daily up (down) flag time provided by the Beijing Observatory, Beijing.
7)Watched Tiananmen Square flag-raising ceremony need to obey the unified command of the field of public security, armed police and the Plaza staff. Watch the flag-raising ceremony and does not charge any fees.
8)Tiananmen Square District Management Committee, a festive flag-raising ceremony proper organization of the masses organized to watch the flag-raising ceremony. Organizational arrangements to primary and secondary school-based, appropriate arrangements for the other masses. Each arrangement is generally not more than 3000 people.
9)Management Committee of the Tiananmen area large-scale events management office responsible for the registration arrangements for the organized masses to participate in the Tiananmen Square flag-raising ceremony (Tel: 65243322 transfer large-scale events management office). Each unit a letter of recommendation with the school or unit registration. Participation in an organized unit to watch the flag-raising ceremony, signed letters of responsibility for large-scale event management registration. Office of the management of large-scale activities two days ahead of the organizational arrangements for table distribution of public security, armed police and other relevant departments.
10)Tiananmen Square District Management Committee is responsible for the organized masses to verify the admission guide in place and the order maintenance. The personnel deployed by the large-scale event management in conjunction with the Personnel responsible for the implementation.
11)public security, armed police and other departments responsible for the organized masses to watch the regional security alert and deployed police to maintain order at the scene of the rostrum region.
12)watch the l (lower) the staff of the flag ceremony should consciously abide by the National Flag Law, comply with the Tiananmen Square management notice, take good care of the relics, love plaza facilities to maintain order at the scene, keeping surroundings clean. Obey the command of the field staff.

Tour Notes
1)A civility and courtesy. Use of honorifics, not vomited dirty; dressed neat, bare-chested; give and take, do not quarrel brawl.
2)the maintenance of environmental health. Do not spit and chewing gum, not anywhere to throw the fruit leather nuclear quiet cigarette paper, food packaging and other packaging materials, not anywhere Dumping Sewage.
3)take good care of public facilities. Stampede trash, frog climb brightly base without damaging the flagpole, fence, lighting, electrical appliances, telecommunications equipment, and public service notices plaque.
4)Love the green square. Allowed to enter the green space to rest and play, without damaging the green water spray facilities, do not pull down the flowers and trees.
5)maintenance Plaza order. Not Square, playing soccer, rollerblade, do not engage in the unlicensed business activities, do not carry the stool to participate in the Square, lift the flag ceremony.
6)heritage conservation. Scrawl, scribble, characterization, posting promotional materials are not allowed on the stone relics.
7)Without regulatory approval, a variety of motor vehicle, bicycle, tricycle, are not allowed to enter and walk through the central square.
8)Hope that the masses consciously abide by the regulations, subject to the duty personnel and command staff.