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15:38 8th Octorber, 2011  The 23rd Fragrant leaves Cultural Festival in Fragrant Hills Park
    Communist Party of China has just gone through a 90th birthday, 23rd Beijing Evening News "Red Xiangshan happy homes" - Fragrant leaves Cultural Festival, this leaves Cultural Festival held from 12 October to 6 November 2011, lasted 26days. 2011 leaves the past five years was the most beautiful red, red earliest.
    Sumac, represented by more than 30 kinds of color species, Fragrant leaves, the main red-based, but each tree, or even every leaf temperature, planting location, its pigment contained in so different Therefore, there will be orange, dark red, purple, red, and other red. Acer truncatum will be two kinds of color, and some turn yellow, and some will turn red, in front of one of the most represented is Qinzheng two Acer truncatum, every year, one yellow, one red and two kinds of color. To the end of November, most of the leaves are down, but here the leaves are still beautiful, red, standing under a tree, readily can be picked up pieces of leaves to take home as a souvenir.
16:38 15th August, 2011  Xiangshan Providence Park deer literature
    According to legend, seven hundred years ago, a Deer in the Fragrant Hills Gold were informed that the matter personally to the mountains to capture. Turn for a long time no Deer trace. A time when the noon, he was tired and thirsty, according to a tree close my eyes to sleep. Sleep to see a Deer suddenly appeared in front, he quickly bow bursts of two arrows, hitting the ground. Deer had disappeared. Zhang were angry I pulled up the two arrows on the ground. Built just pull out, two shares of the springs begins with the arrow hole in the emission. Then a cool breeze blowing, the chapter were to wake up from a dream, so ordered to dig in the ground, and she dug two shares springs.
13:14 3rd August,2011 Jiang zemin inspected and visited the xiangshan park
    November 1, 1998 at 3:40 pm to 4:45 pm, CPC central committee general secretary and state President jiang zemin inspected and visited the xiangshan park.
9:12 1st August, 2011 History culture
Mao Zedong in Shuangqing showroom
    Through the pictures in the rooms and the exhibits in the next room reappear the scene of chairman MAO zedong worked in Shuangqing Villa in 1949.
    Location: Xiangshan Shuangqing villa
Sun yat-sen's history
    Showrooms and galleries with pictures about the life of Sun Yat-sen to pursue democracy.
10:57 25th July, 2011 The maple leaves
    The maple leaves include mainly 8 families and 14 kinds of tree, the total number of it is more than 100000 plants, so spectacular! There are many tree species of the maple leaves.
10:48 20th July, 2011 Ancient and famous trees
    The forest coverage rate is up to 96%. Many old and valuable trees, one or two old trees there are more than 5800 strains accounted for the suburb of Beijing old trees the total number of 1/4.
10:29 20th July, 2011 Temple culture
    The Xiangshan Providence Park is one the highest terrain, palaces and temple buildings, the most natural Youqu imperial garden.
10:29 20th July, 2011 Apricot culture
    Early spring in March is in full bloom of the apricot.Apricot have characteristics of changed color,spring were covered with red, very beautiful!
00:45 20th July, 2011 Xiangshan Park spring a good time to spend outing
    The mountain flower exhibition is held in early April to early May, it is a good time to spend outing. The park is decorated by all kinds of flowers.