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    Xiangshan is not only the leaves of Xiangshan, and elegant premises to eat and drink. When you are tired of the erosion of the Ghost Street, Fangzhuang noisy, Asian Games Village in the bustling, maybe you should think about the Fragrant Hills, near the "Bistro" is located in a quiet corner, the official food of the cheap and delicious, exclusive of a peace and unexpected gourmet feast; TingchanXuan school is quaint, you can have tea food, but also Taiwan's high mountain tea as partners. These exquisite Kodate scattered in the vicinity of the Fragrant Hills, trading Street, in a garden, they are dark, open flowers, the fragrance of food. The Xiangshan eat and drink to more than the environment to win exquisite interior decoration, Mountain View can also be viewed through the glass.
    When walking in a garden, found a good place for a cup of tea drinking, the edge of the former residence of Cao Xueqin, the name of the yellow leaves of the village. There near the water, trees and flocks of nourishing the heart, can be intoxicating.
    Coordinates: Botanic Gardens main entrance 100 meters west of the south
    That Kodate initially thought in a garden opposite, is a residential, but went into will feel Journey Into Amazing Caves. Stretch of green house has been cleverly divided into two tiers, the following is a private dining room above is a loose seat. The decoration is not complicated, not luxurious, not sentiment, but feel very warm, the feeling of home away from home. Like sitting in the upstairs couch to eat, like cross-legged Shangkang through the glass, you can see the outside of the persimmon tree, there are some red persimmon.
    The menus is quite distinctive, one up, the name of the dish is engraved on the pieces of bamboo, antique. Signs dishes above some red mark, is easy to recognize it.
    Gold medal to eat and drink the most skilful masters Huang jar. Jar dish is very common in the official food different is that he chose the same purpose and the effect of the shark's fin, and the price was very different lips (shark kiss side glial part). This dish needs a selection of family pension hen through the night to simmer the mixture gently from the system, combined with ham, dried scallops, shark fin Run soup given flavor, combined with the beauty, health and the antitoxic the lips, Lu Jin, bird tendons and a variety of wild mushrooms, mellow taste and rich nutrition. Huang jar pay attention to eat three, first in the imperial jar and serve while hot goods juice aroma, this is an eating, and then, according to personal taste, add a little red vinegar to the casserole, distinctive flavor, this is the two to eat ibid rice into the casserole, this time a good appetite, food for thought.
    Here are a few simple dishes, such as silver Bitter Melon, Buddleja are the drinks delicious food. Hot fresh brewed cup of corn dew, come back to a Ga bang brittle jujube can be exclusive to a peace.
    Per capita consumption: 50 yuan -60 yuan
    Coordinate: the Xiangshan parking business supporting services Floor, Block D
    Compared to trading on the street of the house, where the house is more spacious, newly built house is designed by Tsinghua University Professor, compact and atmosphere.
    Tingchan Villa has two floors, the upstairs space is more intimate, like a terrace, a blue sofa, iron table, sit opinions can be seen on the streets downtown, surrounded by a leaf yellowing tree.
    Gold medal to eat and drink the most hit Taiwan high mountain tea. Since ancient times, there is "high mountain tea," the statement, mountain tea, the environment suitable for tea thermophilic hi wet, shade-tolerant habits, with the altitude difference, resulting in a unique characteristic of the alpine environment, mountain tea with the ground tea , tea shoots stout, green color, and more hair. Stout, pekoe revealed strong and resistant to brew.
    There are many other fine refreshments, are Shanghai, Cantonese snack, delicate delicious.
    During the day, like an isolated world. Ground the crowd, traffic, noise, unrelated to the air around - very quiet shares aroma.
    Per capita consumption: 50 yuan
    Xiangshan eat and drink search
The Xiangshan Holiday Business Center
    Delicacy dishes, chef modulation can be described as gambling house long, whichever is the essence of a unique personality, to meet the appetites of different groups of people. The museum also for business people to carefully prepare the highly-style meeting rooms, multi-purpose hall, KTV, chess room, painting and calligraphy, tea rooms, as well as to meet the needs of business meetings and entertainment. When tourists tired of riding the mountain owned by the club provided by the different styles of Chinese and Western suites and unique flavor of the sauna and thoughtful and considerate service.
    Address: Xiangshan new camp on the 19th (Beijing Botanical Garden and the Fragrant Hills Park)
Yellow leaf village
    Yellow leaves village in the Fragrant Hills Botanical Gardens, yard, nestled in the bush, autumn yellow leaves all over the floor, is the most beautiful time.
    Address: Xiangshan Botanical Garden
Reclining Buddha Hill
    The Botanical Garden of the Reclining Buddha Villa, a beautiful environment, fresh air, catering mainly to Beijing flavor dishes, but the main reception of various meetings, do not take individual.
    Address: Haidian District, Temple of the Reclining Buddha Road
Fragrant Hill Hotel
    Hotel Restaurant Sichuan, Shandong, Suzhou and Hangzhou local dishes, and meals for conference groups.
    Address: Xiangshan Park
Jinyuan Inn
    Five-star hotels, in restaurants, Japanese cuisine and Buffet
    Address: Haidian District, Beijing No. 59 are yellow (the foot of the Fragrant Hill Park)
Pine restaurant
    Restaurant Main Lu taste of home cooking products, prices for medium and low.
    Address: Xiangshan Park
YAT Fang Xuan Restaurant
    Restaurant main Beijing flavor dishes, price for middle and low.
    Yuhua Villa restaurant Fragrant Hill Park fast food restaurants, teahouses, the Yuhua Xiu climbing gas station platform Xiang Wu Cave tea garden, platform grocery store, etc. all for one.
    Address: Xiangshan, Haidian District, the sale of Street A 53.