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Botanical Garden
    The plants in the garden are both of decorative and commerial values. Flower dan calligraphy exhibitions are often held in this garden.
Miaoxiang Pavillion
    The octagonal roof of multiple eaves is supported by 48 round pillars. A 16-sided stone Buddhist pagoda sits on an octagonal base bearing Buddhist images painted by Monk Guanxiu of the Tang Dynasty(618-907) and a note by Emperor Qian Long.
Circular City
    The small citadel stands on a raised terrace of 4.6 meters high surrounded by a circular wall of 276 meters. It occupies an area of 4,553 square meters. There are many ancient trees in it.
Chengguang Hall
    The main structure in the Circular City has a square platform in front and a roof of several tiers of flying eaves. The roof is covered with yellow glazed tiles and edged with green glazed. During the Ming Dynasty the emperor liked to come here to watch fireworks. It was converted into a Buddha Hall during the Qing Dynasty.