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Beihai Park is located in the center of Beijing, is China';s oldest extant, save one of the most complete imperial garden, dating back nearly one thousand years of history. Garden development began in the Liao Dynasty, Jin Dynasty and the Liao Dynasty in mind that the public start-up based on nineteen years (1179) built house rather too grand scale. Ning Gong followed too imperial garden in China, "a pool of three mountains," the regulation, and Royal Garden Song Yue Gen Bianjing Taihu transported to King Wah in the island. Yuan four years (1267), Ethernet Ning Palace Kublai Khan King Wah construction as the center most of the island, where King Wah island and its lakes are included in the Imperial City, given names are Longevity Hill and too liquid pool. YongleEighteen years (1420) Ming Dynasty official capital, Beijing, Longevity Hill, too liquid pool into the Forbidden City west of Regency, said the Xiyuan. Open water south of Ming Dynasty, the formation of three sea pattern. Qing Ming Dynasty inherited Xiyuan, Qianlong period large-scale reconstruction of the North Sea, then laid the scale and pattern.

North Garden absorbing, with the north garden of Broad momentum and graceful and varied private garden charm, and build the magnificent imperial palace and religious solemn temples, spectacular but seamless, garden art treasures in China. King Wah luxuriant trees on the island, crowded temples, pavilions,Patchwork, Baita mountain stands as a sign of the park.

Short Qiongdao Qionghua Island, White Pagoda built by the island, it is also commonly known as "Baita Mountain." Island, 32 meters high, the circumference of 913 meters. King Wah means beautiful jade, so named, said the island was built with jade island paradise. According to mythology, King Wah is Joan tree flower (China is to spend), growth in the Penglai Xiandao, the people eat can live forever, which is also said that the Jade Pool paradise island is a fake building. Early in the Peak Fort to set the letter from the military stationed at the Eight Banners, condescending, look-the whole city, once the police can immediately give the signal.

Junji Wing Temple was built eight years (1651), formerly known as White Pagoda Temple, eight years of Qianlong (1743) to Wing Temple. Mountain on the potential and build the monastery, divided into three on the three-House, front hall called "Falun Dian", before the house has a bell around, drum booth, hall for Sakyamuni Buddha. Middle Temple, "Ching Temple", Shangdian "Pu Dian" (under the White Tower), formerly of the monks chanting. Monastery temples, statues were modified, a new and fascinating. Baita temple and registration of visitors panoramic views overlooking the capital, to be another ticket to enter.

North White Tower: La Mata is a Tibetan. 35.9 m high tower, with a round bottom, full of changes, as Sumeru pedestal, tower with canopy, ding, and decorated with sun, moon and flame patterns, to represent the Buddha as the days and months as glamorous Wing according to the earth. Tower isOne has a coat of small niches, the Tibetan word yellow on red plastic patterns with auspicious meaning. This shrine called eye doors, also known as Kalachakra door. 1679 the tower was destroyed by the earthquake, the following year reconstruction. Beijing 1976 Tangshan earthquake affected, the top is damaged. The repair, they found the heart of wood in the possession of the main tower has a two-inch square of gold lacquer box, the lid decorated with Tai Chi, possessing two relic box to prove that this tower is a stupa. The tower stands on the Qiongdao peak cluster shade owner, towering magnificent, eye-catching. Symbol of the divine right of the building - White Tower and Wing Temple, set an important position in Qiongdao has dominated the momentum of the whole garden toReflect the thinking of divine right of kings, this is a major feature of imperial palace.

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Beihai Park Gardens North Broad both momentum and graceful and varied private garden charm, and build magnificent imperial palace of the solemn and religious temples, spectacular but seamless, garden art treasures in China.


Address: Wenjin Street, Xicheng District, Beijing, No. 1, publicAutomotive 5,101,103,109,124,685,814,846 to the North Sea front door; bus 13,42,107,111,118,810,701,823 to the North Sea back door.


Beihai Park Tickets are 10 yuan, 10 yuan tickets Qionghua Island, Hall Tickets are good for 2 yuan. All tickets half price off-season (November 1 to March 31 next year.)

Opening hours: Beihai Park 6:00-22:00, Qionghua Islands Tourist 8:30-18:00, 9:00-18:00 ship terminal.