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     Zhangjiajie Jiangya Spa Resort is the first hot spring resort, is currently the only one Xiangxi Jiangya antique-style semi-open air hot spring. Built more than 20 kinds of different features, the rich high standards of efficiency Jiangya outdoor hot spring pool and indoor hot spring pool Jiangya. The natural garden-style layout, quartzite pebble paths, rockery waterfalls, small bridges, Jiangya hot spring pool just like in which pearl inlaid with one of tranquil and serene mountain paradise, a very local style. She set spa, restaurant, guest rooms, conference, fitness, entertainment, sauna, beauty and other business items in one, especially suitable for recreation, vacation, entertainment, resort, meetings, training and business activities.

     The water of Jiangya hot sping is clear and clean,the temperature is aroud 54 degree ,It is tested that Jiangya spring water is rich in a variety of minerals on human health beneficial trace elements. Pairs of nerve pain, rheumatism and other diseases, with special effects, played Shujin vibrant, and physical fitness, skin beauty, soothe the nerves will panic and anti-aging and other health effects.