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Shiyan Lake Ecological Park is one of the favourite sceneries by Changsha people. It is located in the junction of Changshu Pond. It is surrounded by mountains, green water, beautiful mountains and green grass, so it is called peple's big oxygen bar.

Dragon-boat racing is a characteristic of Shiyan Lake. Join the dragon-boat racing, you will enjoy the passion of fighting by boat racing. The animals there will make a performance for three times everyday that make Shiyan Lake full of peace between people and animals. You can also go diving that appreciate the mysterious underwater world and feel relax. There are many entertainment projects in Shiyan Lake Ecological Park.


The price of the entertainment project:
Boating: CNY15 per person
Barge: CNY80 cruise a circle; CNY150/hour
Two peole water cycle: CNY30/hour
Four peole water cycle: CNY60/hour
Dragon-boat: CNY200Karaoke: CNY80/hour
Shooting: CNY3/bullet
Chess: CNY40/hour
Taihu Fishing: CNY10 per people
Horse: CNY200/hour