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Lake Xiandao points fairyland, and the days are immortals and other scenic spots. There are simple and dignified, Tinglang links will Xian Qiao, Xian Qiao North West will duck the hill for the fairyland resort, stands a carved small strand "of Taihu Lake Xiandao" big arch. A special habitat for monkeys and performing arts Huaguoshan monkey, mountain curtain hole, the performing arts field, is also decorated with the "monkey god was born," "Monkey teeth Flag", "Huaguoshan Shi Jie", to reproduce the famous classical novel "Journey to the West" in the scene.

Peak for the day are immortals, which consists of days of door-day street, the days are immortals, Yao Wang, King Wen, financial Temple, inside the celestial treasure Court, peach Jade Pool, joking Temple, Tai-dayAltar and so on.

Days of row upon row of street shops, antique. Peach-shaped, pomegranate-shaped, gourd-shaped and other carved doors and windows, exquisite scene.

The days are immortals share 1320 m2 main building, main building three five-Zhong Yan, Xie Shanding, 22 meters high, equipped with Wenchang, Kuan, mother Zudian Yu, both sides of the Sixty-Yuan Chen Nail Gallery. Inside the celestial palace, seven corners, 38 meters high, a plastic like the Jade Emperor God. Tai Kok Bay, Fairy Cave, together with Chinese Buddhism, Taoism grotto art. There are other units Heaven, joking Temple, mandarin ducks, many kiosks attractions.

Located 2.6 km southwest of Taihu Lake Yuantouzhu in, Shaped like a turtle, commonly known as "Turtle Mountain." It is seventy Lake famous mountain peaks in the area of 12 hectares, in fact, formed by the four small peaks. Head and tail, the mountains were the "East Duck, West duck", the main mountain name "three peaks" and the other small peaks unknown. 49.8 m high mountain master.


Yuantouzhu by boat to the pier, ferry tickets included in the area of. Back sides of the last boat is at 17:55 hours, but this time back to the urban areas have no bus, taxi to the mountain about 30 yuan.


Included in the area where Yuantouzhu. 105 yuan (including round-trip cruise Xiandao Lake, Deer Mountain Top tourist cars) ,1.1-1 .4 m half price for children, the elderly over the age of 70 half-price certificate, student ID half price.