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Thin Lake

Main scenic area of 88 square kilometers, an area of 150 square kilometers of protected areas; forest coverage rate of 92%, winding lake 40 kilometers from west to east, such as a dragon playing with a pearl of the Pentium and to, also known as ';Lake'; is an excellent tourist resort. In recent years, has started receiving tourists from all over the country more than 100 million people. Thin Lake area rich cultural connotations. The first Ming emperor had troops stationed in thin mountain fell ... View Detail

Suya Lake

Plains of Asia';s largest artificial reservoir, built in 1958. Runan County West at 6 km, an area of 239 square kilometers. Yuhuangmiao north, south boar Kong, Eliza east, west to the other bridge. Dam length of 35.29 km, high 58 meters long retaining wall of 0.5 m wave, crest width of 4-7 meters, storing Itabashi, thin reservoir and other rivers, which produced 30 kinds of fish, which yield most are carp. <BR> Suya Lake, rebuilt in 1989 after the completion of the open water, scenery, ... View Detail

Baiyun Mountain

Located 72 km northeast city Biyang County at an elevation of 983 meters, as Zhumadian peak. The northern foot of Baiyun Mountain, the birthplace of the River, east into the Huaihe River, south of the river as the birthplace of Biyang west of the Yangtze River into the Han River, it is a "mountain, two water," said. Liao sometimes clouds around the peak to peak, covering the hills, has always been there, "White Cloud Mountain cap," the spectacle. Local has Minyan: "White Cloud Mountain hats, ... View Detail

Golden Summit Hill

Golden Peak Mountain peak located in the County of Henan county used ants from Zhumadian City, Guangzhou Railway, Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway, 107 State Road 20 km, an area of about 71 square kilometers, within the size of the mountain 6. Area at the warm temperate and subtropical areas too, the "natural oxygen bar", "green home" reputation. Scenic towering old trees, a deep valley peak risk with one of the original style. Ancient weathering the welcoming doors, antique cabin, Sands Lake ... View Detail

Old Leshan

Road are blessed. Leshan is located in the old county used 10 km northwest of the city, from nine different high and low peaks form, with Tiger Cave Hill North Cliff (due to breezy pines, pines inside the cave we heard the roar, as if the Tigers the name). Eighteen forward is steep, the Peak has a pool of clear spring water, sweet and should mouth, dry but not dry, because Xingzhuang Si frog, named "spring frog." Mountains are magnificent Zhenwu, Xuan temples, thanks to Taiwan Palace, Xuan Du ... View Detail

Long Gutter

Zhumadian Suiping in the territory of an area of about 20 square kilometers, Department of Funiushan Mountains, a Central Plains "Jiuzhaigou" reputation, is a very unique tourist destination. The scenic West and Wuyang Shimantan reservoir adjacent to the north and west flat iron smelting site of the Warring States bordering the Chaya Mountain South and standing shoulder to shoulder are intricately linked. Within the deep quiet area with one of the original style. There are Yongsan, Long gutter ... View Detail

Tangxi source

Xiping Xian is located within the city, with a total area of 38 square kilometers, the forest coverage rate of 95%. Into Tangxi Lake, Tangxi Gap, spider mountain, Pao Maling four resort, beautiful sets and beautiful natural light to heavy Feng Yan Huang Culture in one. Main attractions: Warring States smelting iron furnace, located in the Tangxi lake shore, was hailed as the contemporary authority of the metallurgists"Number One furnace", and it has been 2400 years. "Korea for the all the ... View Detail

Copper Mountain Lake Forest Park

Copper Mountain is located in the territory of Zhumadian Biyang County, south Tongbaishan, Queshan east, north and Funiushan distant sea, Zhumadian to the highway running through the territory of Nanyang. Since ancient times, the "risk may Mountain, Huangshan show like" and was the highest for the "small Wudang," said. For centuries, the "Southern Golden Summit, North Verse copper peak," said. Elevation of 632.6 meters, a large complex formerly known as mountain pass because of the Han Tang ... View Detail

Former residence of General Yang Jingyu

Former residence of General Yang Jingyu Zhumadian City Hall is located 5 km south Beijing-Guangzhou Railway Station east of the ancient city of Li Wancun urban and rural areas, was founded in autumn 1966, after ten years of chaos in the suspension of work, opening in 1981, after the expansion, construction area is 4466 square meters. Chu, chairman of the museum before his death after gate inscription, "the former residence of General Yang Jingyu People';s Heroes Memorial." View Detail

Zhugou Revolutionary Memorial Hall

Located in the county used 32 km west of the city, 1939, Liu Shaoqi and CCP Central Plains Bureau to the Central Plains War in command here. Li Xiannian, Peng Xuefeng, Zhang Zhen, Wang Guohua and renowned historians such as Pham Van Lan, an economist Wen Chihuahua who struggled here or worked. During the war, Zhugou known as "Little Yan';an", "Little Northern." Residence Hall has 30 components,; Cultural heritage sites 31. Premier Zhou Enlai personally title the book "Zhugou Revolutionary ... View Detail