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Zhang Hall

Zhang Hall is the only a small amount of Ming Dynasty architecture Zhouzhuang, one of the key units of Jiangsu Province. Formerly Yishun Tang, according to legend was the younger brother of Xu Da Ming Wang Zhongshan, Kui Xu descendants built in the Ming Zhengtong years. Zhang Qing sold to others, renamed Yu Yan Church, commonly known as the Office of Zhang. After a careful maintenance of the departments concerned in recent years to restore the original style. People';s mansion as Yan Fu, Zhang ... View Detail

Former residence of Shen

Former residence of Shen of Shen rich reference to the various legends, the ups and downs in business history, the legend of his life and scenes of daily life Shen, through bronze, brick, lacquer carving, real model, layout, set boxes, clay, comic books and other artistic means, to be displayed. Is an expansion and extension of the important tourist attractions Zhouzhuang cultural landscape. House fully embodies the "Zhouzhuang Tour and represented the culture" and "of Shen as the ... View Detail

Cheng Institute of virtual channel

Cheng Institute of virtual channel called "church", was founded in Song Yuanyou period (AD 1086-1093), the nine hundred years have elapsed since. According to "Zhouzhuang" records: "Ming Dynasty, people without homes West, the bridge has birds hanging lamp pole to those who according to the West Bay Bridge at Night." After the middle of the Ming Dynasty, Tao Yuan increasingly grand scale. Jiajing, local people donated Wang Bi build the instrument door. Twenty-five years of Qing Emperor Kangxi ... View Detail

Floor fans

Zhenfeng bridge in River, built during the Qing dynasty, formerly known as Tak Kee hotel. Native of Zhenjiang, owner Li Defu, in late Qing dynasty, Zhouzhuang movement regarding family members, good at cooking delicacies for food, chef to open hotel. The couple had forty years before Hydergine daughter Minghuan Arkin. Older, and if the A a lotus, Kwan Fong in Zhouzhuang overwhelming. In the affection of their parents, the resist foot binding, "Bigfoot Guanyin," the nickname spread like wildfire. ... View Detail

Quanfu Monastery

Songyuan You first year (AD 1086). Azeri Zhou Di Gonglang Shezhai to Temple, northwest of the town all white clam Lake Temple was built, through generation of continuous expansion. Duplication of the Vatican Palace, towering castles, clear water surrounded by incense. South to be based upon Repentance, Mu Vaughn famous monasteries of light. A total of five into the monastery, the main building Main Hall, the magnificent temples, step into the hall, up to three towering Zhang Yu of the Tathagata ... View Detail

Strange House

Wall walk through walls, invisible, the air floating, deformation people, Lilliput, escape from the snake population, etc. These you can only science fiction or science fiction, and fiction and fairy tale dreams to see and feel the scene in "Strange House" visions shop can not only see but also to achieve these incredible personal experience and the illusion of experience. The voice of experience visible, auditory hallucinations experienced by patients feeling back in time holographic back ... View Detail

Arch Taying

New full-Fu Lunan side junction of the old town, stands an antique scene. Solid and straight light brown four square granite pillars, support from the eaves of the roof ridge Alice; totally rough wooden brackets, revealing style imitation of Ming architecture. The whole momentum of imposing arches, wing shape then, just as the ancient town of Zhouzhuang';s a solemn ancient doors. FineFine carving chisel construction process, the amount of Pillars Huamei Juan Yong word of God to the more ... View Detail