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Yip Estate

Yip and other manor manor has a different weather, it has the same as the Forbidden City Meridian Gate, Forbidden City also has the same layout, as well as the extraordinary five photos and fine carved emblem, known as civil Palace Museum, which is the Central Plains Art Deco architecture of the hinterland of the Qing Dynasty treasure trove of treasures, the best preserved in China is currently building the largest private estate of the Qing Dynasty. View Detail

Five thousand years of Chinese

Farming Leisi from thousands of years ago, and now lives in rural areas still used in the production of appliances. September 19, 2010, is located in the small Village Dahe village Dancheng the "Central Plains Folk Culture Park" agricultural civilization in the ancient and modern collide in a grand passion, the park opened. There are public places of entertainment throughout the park, Leisijicui and Heavenly Creations Hall, Stone Hall 4, Mandarin Court and most of the composition and more than ... View Detail

Ji Hongchang Memorial

Zhoukou City, Henan Province is located in the city Fugou County. Museum of Comrade Jiang Zemin inscribed the name of the museum, to commemorate the great anti-Japanese hero Ji Hongchang built. Tour Guide: Museum covers an area of 6300 square meters, from the gate, composed of square and the exhibition hall. Door to the east, the spectacular towering above the antique-style gatehouse in 1995 by the Jiang Zemin inscribed the name of the museum: "Ji Hongchang general memorial." & Nbsp; ... View Detail

Ling Fu Xi Taihao

National cultural heritage, national AAAA level scenic spots. Taihao mausoleum that "Three Kings of the first" Tomb of Taihao Fuxi Temple, the national key cultural relics protection units, the highest in eighteen Mausoleum. Because it is the Chinese nation "human ancestor" in Ling Temple, so called "best in the world mausoleum." The entire building complex with congenital gossip content, unique structure, a large, towering temples, Majestic. View Detail


National cultural heritage, the state 3A level scenic spots. Qing Emperor Kangxi years from Shanxi, Shaanxi, to finance the construction business travel week, the entire building complex layout of the strict compact, the magnificent palace, magnificently magnificent, decorative Furama United States, with its talent for art sculpture elements known to the world. It is like a deep, heavy book, written with former Zhou mouth business and economic prosperity of the peak. & Nbsp; temple name, ... View Detail

Ming Palace

Luyi County is located in the hometown of Laozi, was built in the Han Dynasty, flourished in the Tang and Song dynasties. The great ancient Chinese thinker, philosopher, Lao Tzu, founder of Taoism School preach the memorial lecture buildings. Ming Palace area is currently under the Qing dynasty, County records, in reconstruction by the "Iraqi Wan in the Square", "l Xianqiao", "still long dike," "Welcome Jubilee Hall," "mystery Yuan Temple, "" Xiangdian "," l Sendai (ie Laojun Taiwan) ", and ... View Detail

Taiqing Palace

Luyi County in Zhoukou 5 km east of the town of Dongbei Yu Taiqing Palace is the birthplace of Lao Tzu, Lao Tzu Temple worship is in 1978 was designated as county-level cultural relics protection units, was set in 1986 in Henan Province protection unit. Is a national key cultural relics protection units, 4A level scenic spots. In 1997, archaeologists unearthed one in the Tai Qing palace with Longshan culture site, the Western Zhou Dynasty tombs, Zhou rammed earth base and large Ma Hang, Tang ... View Detail

Painting Gua Taiwan

Huaiyang city surrounded by water, the vastness of Lake mu. Miles northeast in the city on the lake of a sudden with a mound, above the Pavilion bar Yi Cai, Cooper green. Here is the beginning of art gossip Taihao Fuxi place, so the paintings Gua Taiwan, also known as gossip forum. Originally known Wanqiu Huaiyang is Taihao Fuxi capital of the land, draw diagrams Taiwan is "too white Cai Fu Xi in the gossip of the altar turtle." Taiwan high-six-seven feet, pedestal about 10 acres, all the ... View Detail

Nine Step Well

Taiqing Palace garden in the middle east, there is a pavilion, which is a Dragon, were nine-step wells. It is said that I was born, had walked nine steps, a step well, a well of a dragon, pass as I was born in Kowloon to take bath body at so called "Nine Dragon." View Detail

Laojun Taiwan

Laojun Taiwan, Dongbei Yu in Luyi County. Were built to commemorate Lao Zi. According to the Qing dynasty, "Luyi County" Description: "Tempo two years (734 years) to build Taiqing altar. Wenchang Temple in Taiwan in mind." Platform 13 meters high, is a big brick building in ancient times, from 14 in a plane surrounded high altar-shaped ancient buildings, Zhuangruo cylindrical and angular, the top area of 765 square meters, an area slightly larger than the bottom. Immortals Legend I, soaring in ... View Detail