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61F ~ 95F
W at 30km/h
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Cave Forest Lake, located 15 kilometers southwest of Zhengzhou City, Xingyang Yu Jia, 20 kilometers southeast of the town territory.

Lake Cave Temple, is a long history, scenic pagoda in a temple. Built in the Han, Sheng Yu Tang, the self-evident ZHOU Jing Wang Wang temple buried sihou into weeks later, it is very popular. Temple Pagoda towering stele buildings, building magnificent, imposing, and the Shaolin, bamboo collectively, the "day in the three forest", and the Shaolin Temple in Dengfeng, the phase Temple Kaifeng, LuoyangWhite Horse Temple said "the four famous monasteries Central Plains."
500 meters south is the Temple Cave Forest Lake, like a shining pearl inlaid in the cave temple next to the visitors, boating and fishing destination. Cave Forest Lake Galaxy Bay Resort and Zhengzhou Public cadre of antique buildings, so that people in the leisure and tourism at the same time, enjoy the village style city.

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