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E at 20km/h To
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Source of the world';s bamboo species of turtle is located in Aberdeen Hua';an Chengguan ridge, it is the most species of bamboo, bamboo has a very high influence gene pool, but also a source of culture, the bamboo will be reflected in the most classic area.
Hua is located in subtropical climate transition zone, has a unique climate and soil environment, especially suitable for the growth of bamboo. Therefore, from the local community and Japan, India, Malaysia, Colombia, Ecuador and other countries of the 400 kinds of rare bamboo species compete hereYan Qi Doo! The world';s largest bamboo, the smallest of the bamboo, the bamboo flowers, bamboo, most of the story, the most beautiful bamboo, most sections of the bamboo, the most bizarre scene in the bamboo, and so their sway.