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Forest Park is located at Ap Lei Gong Zhangzhou City, Fujian Province, northwest of Ma Kengxiang grass Hua';an within Aberdeen village, 28 kilometers from Hua county, covering four townships, six villages, two state-owned forest farm, the whole mountain scenery from the tribute of God peak ( 1276 meters above sea level), Unicorn Peak (elevation 1369 m) and three She peaks (elevation 1411 m) peaks of three closely linked to the composition of God and the unicorn tribute concave shape between the two peaks, called the tribute of God aircraft. Steep mountains, valleys cross, large ups and downs.
& Nbsp; tribute duck Forest Park natural landscape features, you can use, "Lin, Shan Xiong, strange stone hills, tree strange, secluded gully," summed up.
"Linmao": Looking tribute duck mountain, mountains Song Cui, into a piece of evergreen broad-leaved forest, stretching from the Gong to the unicorn has always been God peak peak. Towering forest trees, blotting out the sun, many rare animals and plants is a good natural forest bath.
"Yamao": Gong Duck Mountain is the highest peak in southern tourist area, stand tall, crown the sky. Distance range upon range of peaks, imposing, almost see the cliff Qiao Li, trails Shen You, as a giant landscape painting. "Shueisiou": Duck Mountain rain tributeAbundant waterfalls, streams buzz everywhere. Forest, water gurgling all the year round, river fish in groups. There are "sound of water corridor" and people walking in the corridor side, only heard the sound of water, not seen water. The water quality meet the national standards, is truly a natural mineral water.
"Tree Branch": Gong duck deep leafy trees, vines cross, trees, different war fighting strange, wild passengers. There are many curious and valuable species of trees, such as "husband and wife tree", "climbing days vine", "virgin." Duck virgin tree hill tribute very strange, is closely connected with the formation of 4 Keti';s, like two pairs of lovers embracing, by where the altitude, geology, climate And environmental factors, generally every three to five years to bear fruit again. Therefore, hard as iron seed texture, the color red as coral, brilliant luster does not fade, is regarded as auspicious, symbol of love.
"Sink quiet": Gong Shan mountain boulder lined duck, sink diameter aspect. Climb the stairs along the valley, the valley twists and turns, winding paths, streams, birds. There are hundreds of caves, clean cool, available for visitors to enter the rest, such as "Fairy Cave", "husband and wife hole", "Moon Hole", "Echo Cave", "turtle cave" and so on, the holes have holes really do not have some fun.font-weight: bold; "> 5 yuan tickets