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North River rafting

Siming Mountain is located in the North River rafting the "natural oxygen bar", "summer resort," said Siming Mountain Yuyao hinterland hills, a river stream, the stream turns, a zero drift process forty minutes, that people can fully appreciate the Maple Creek Road on both sides of the Kwan Fong Zhengyan cherry, bamboo roll stitch quiet breeze and Tang Huang revealed the ancient stone charm, drifting stopped several times along the way there Chiang Kai-shek';s charitable bridges remain human ... View Detail

Siming Mountain National Forest Park

Siming Mountain National Forest Park is located in the hinterland east of Zhejiang';s Siming Mountain. Four out of the main peak - up to 1020 meters above sea level abdominal shan, located in the park';s southern tip. Special park is rich in preliminary investigations, there are nearly a thousand species of plants, 106 species mainly animals. With evergreen broad-leaved forest, Cryptomeria corridor, money, pine, cypress forest, Pinus, Siming Mountain Maple town - mu red maple forest and a ... View Detail

North Village

Use of this resource to build a village a "big bowl of wine to drink, eat large piece of meat" Outlaws of the Marsh family farm featuring music, peasant music business operators put up with a unified "Water Margin" features the brand, and now the village of "Jing Yang post "shop," Juyi Hall "shop," Village Breeze "shop," Xunyang Lou "stores and" happy forest "shop. North Village in the village construction, will build a "Water Margin" the spatial pattern of the village, but also make full use ... View Detail

Lei Chau Estate

Lei Chau Estate, located in Yuyao City, southernmost of the four out of town, is the town where the most popular advantage. It is located in the hinterland of Siming Mountain, beautiful scenery, honest feelings, which had left a Li Bai, Meng Jiao, Pi Rixiu, Lu Guimeng hearty singing and other poets, for the splendid Tang Dynasty poetry left many immortal poems also become a great thinker Mr. Huang Zongxi Ming and Qing wrote books are ideal. Pear pineapple Chau Chau Village Memorial Hall ... View Detail

Scenic Gang discuss

Name Origin: folklore, Jin has three fairy fairy bridge together, and discuss plans for Temple, Buddha to open up Siming Mountain, after discussions, intelligent, quiet space, head space of three monks, separately Temple. Results Intelligent south to Xuedou Temple Mount construction, Baoshan; static air to go, "Siming Mountain Heart" stick built tin Temple, head space to build empowerment Yinxian Temple, and later are as eastern Zhejiang temple. Local people to commemorate them in this ... View Detail