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Eling Lake

Eling Lake is located east of Zaling. Eling and Zaling shape the contrary, Eling something narrow, north to south, like a big gourd. The lake area is 628 square kilometers, more than 100 square kilometers Zaling large, with an average depth of 17.6 m, the deepest of up to 30 meters, water storage capacity equivalent to more than double the Zaling. Eling Lake water color is very clear, dark green, fine sunny days when the clouds of heaven, surrounded by the mountains, reflected in the water, ... View Detail


Song from the card at the Yellow River were out and about ancient music originated, after Star Sea flow here is Mary Hill Bayan Lang and Seoul flowers are the wrong mountains resistance, the source of the Yellow River formed the first great lake - Zhaling. "Rolling hills" is a Mongolian, meaning "white of the Long Lake", also called "Central Park." Zaling east to west, north and south narrow, resembling a large and beautiful shells, embedded in the Yellow River, the lake area of 526 square ... View Detail