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Moon Lake Park

Moon Lake Park is located in Yingkou Economic and Technological Development Zone in Liaodong Bay Avenue South, Sun and Moon Road west, is located in the heart of the city, west of Liaodong Bay, is the entertainment, leisure, culture, food, tourism, fitness, holiday as one of large integrated tourism area. Moon Lake Park is for the state 3A class tourist area. Moon Lake Park with a central landscape area, entertainment, recreation area, water resort, and leisure areas such as the four major ... View Detail

Pak Sha Wan Beach

Beach is located in Pak Sha Wan Zhou Zhen Gaizhou go west, 76 kilometers south of Yingkou, winding coastline of 3 km, beach soft, shaped like a crescent. Shore, lush coastal forest trees, flourish, is a well known summer resort. Pak Sha Wan Beach with ocean scenes as the main, both the forest scenery, the island scenery and other natural scenery, there are orchards, vineyards and other agricultural tourism resources, Wanghai, the ancient tomb groups and other historical monuments, north port, ... View Detail

North Beach

North Beach tourist area is located 14 km west Gaizhou Mission Hill office environment. Long Beach, where both the blue sea, there are sea shore reefs, Gulf Stream fishing is a quiet headland, another Xungu tracing the ancient pier. Beach is located in the central area Haibei a total length of 2,000 meters, clear calm, fine sand beach slow. Sea erosion in the northern area, due to the role of the crust and the sea, and in about 1.5 km of the coast, forming a variety of different styles of rock ... View Detail

Immortal Island National Park

Immortal Island National Park is located about 45 km south Gaizhou Kowloon to the town, is a tourism, leisure, holiday, accommodation, catering, entertainment, toiletries for the large integrated tourism zone. Immortal Island National Park mountain and sea, the scenery pleasant, that is virgin forest, the beautiful blue sea and sand, there are flowers, grasses of the elegant. Area within the existing types of Villa, resorts, training centers and other institutions, can receive foreign tourism, ... View Detail


Takako Chishan Village is located in the town of Gaizhou Hail, located 45 km southeast from the mined Gaizhou ditch and the town at the junction of Edmond, elevation 891.1 meters. Chishan five holes, rotating doors, bridges, Tianchi, three clear of five peaks, known as "Wufeng inserted clouds." Whenever the occasion of the rising sun, Wufeng embraced for the red, bright red light, like red five arches, it was named Chishan. Chishan many attractions, there are seven holes in the mountains, the ... View Detail

Pier Hill

Pier Hill is located in Yingkou Economic and Technological Development Zone in northern Liaodong Bay Street North, Port Road, west to the west and the Bohai Yingkou Port, north of Angang New Factory, 133 meters above sea level, lush vegetation in the mountains, trees, due to the Peak beacon built its name. Mountain West Pier and Plaza Tower built platform, with the landscape fence, there is a scenic tourist road leading to the summit mountains, 1,800 meters total length of the road on both ... View Detail


Qinglongshan located 8 km east of the town of Gaizhou Xiongyue Chen Tunzhen Pacific Village territory, a local well-known tourist summer resort. Strange and beautiful natural landscape is very scenic, cypress pine, rocks rocks, Shanhua berries, birds Xiang Luming, the charming, riveting. Lama Xiongyue Kwu Tung is one of the eight wonders, and the construction of the Lama Temple in the ancient sea cave in the hope of building a unique structure known. Lama, a hole is Qinglongshan Cave, ... View Detail

Mount Hope children

Mount Hope children in Economic Development Zone, Yingkou City village children look Xiongyue is famous southern Liaoning, 2 km from the city Xiongyue. Mountain 106 meters above sea level looking children, Koho rise steeply, there is a Zang-style brick Peak Tower was built in the late Qing Dynasty, such as an old woman standing a distance, the hills overlooking the sea day and night, looking forward to travel the son of return. Children look to the beautiful mountain named after maternal ... View Detail

Jinniushan site

Jinniushan site is located in Liaoning Province, Tian Zhuncun Dashiqiao Yonganzhen elevation of 69.3 meters. Northeast China Jinniushan culture is the culture of the representatives of the early Paleolithic. "Jinniushan people" fossils found to fill the gaps in human development during this period, the physical characteristics of the ape-man and physical development of the study evolution of a rich kind of information. This finding was rated as a national cultural heritage. Has been built ... View Detail

Liaohe Street

Yingkou Liaohe Street is located in prosperous urban areas in the West, is located in the western part of Liaohe River Street historic district, the birthplace of Yingkou, population density, row upon row firm has retained a group of street temples of ancient and modern, residential, office and commercial buildings, cultural landscape is the most historical neighborhoods. There are nine provincial-level cultural relics, municipal conservation units 3, there are more than 60 modern buildings are ... View Detail