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Lo with waterfall

Yandangshan Luodai Waterfall is located in the Yanhu Scenic Area. From Meiyu Pond to the mountain road for 5 munites, there is a branch that you can go to Yanhu Lake on the right side and go to Luodai Waterfall on the left side. Along the way, there are laying pieces of stone on the road side. It si heavily weather. Walk across the rock gate under the Mingyang Hole, then climb over the large stone, you will get to the Luodai Waterfall.The height of the waterfall is about 30m and it outflows ... View Detail

Rainy falls

Meiyu waterfall is very lightweight, water-like plum. Meiyu Waterfall is still full of pizzazz and trees are still green before the cave of West Rock Beam. Standing in all the scenic zones of Mt. Yandang, you will not feel weak before the nature but harmonious between people and the nature. When you feel this harmony, you will feel that Yanhu Lake is still full of water. View Detail

Dovetail waterfall

Located in the Great Dragon Waterfall Scenic Spot. Commonly known as Kaidang Waterfall, and it is in the western of Flaming Mountains and the northeastern of Nengren Temple. The water split-flows and looks like a swallow tail, then forms the waterfall.Under the waterfall, there is a pond called Xiaying Pond. Its water is green and in the middle of the pond, there is a huge stone which looks like an iron pan. Under the sunset clouds, the face of the pond is floridity and cute.Ticket: CNY5 View Detail

East Festival

The East and West Ji are the wings of Yuzeng Peak. The main scene in West-Ji is peak and rock, and in the East-Ji is waterfall. The overall length of East-Ji is 7m with seven ciruities. The hill and stone on the both sides are towering so that it appears many landscape. The East-Ji has many waterfalls and ponds.East-Ji has the name of Donglong Street wiht seven ciruities. It cascades a series of green ponds: Zhong Pond, Lianzhu Pond, Small Dragon Pond, Meiyu Pond and Lotus Pond. And alternating ... View Detail

Zhu Jian tendon

It is located in the Large Dragon Waterfall Scenic Area, and its overrall length is about 3km. On the both sides, that are full of ridges and peaks, and the rock strews at random, trees grow dense and the water is clear. It is characterizing a fine spring day and very quiet and beautiful. In the gully, there are waterfall and spring. There are also Chuyu Pond, Xiamen Pond, Hulu Pond, Shuyu Pond, Xiapei Pond, Juying Pond, Lianhuan Pond and othre ponds. Among the ponds, there are shoal, gorge and ... View Detail


The Dragon Lake is located in the downstrean of Fu River. It is not far away Saigen Pond, named after its shape. In 1958, it is built a dam of 50m high and 80m long in the gate of Dragon Lake. Now is Fu River Reservoir.Because of that, the area of the Dragon Lake is expanded. The length of the lake is more than 5km, but its width is different that the widest one is nearly 1,000m. The depth of the lake is also different that the deepest one is more than 40m. The water capacity of the lake is more ... View Detail

Po River

It is located in the Lingfeng Peak Scenic Area. The section that from the ferry of Bi River to Putanyang is called Pu River. It is 5.5km long, is widen and the water is clear. The width gets to 100m, the narrow point just can let the bamboo rafts go and back. It is empty mongolia distant of the landscape in the both side of the river. And the water streams such as the thousand steeds gallop. You will feel relaxed and happy when you are walking along the river and by boats. View Detail

Three lakes

Three lakes (Baishi Lake, Zhongqian Lake and Longshan Lake) are located under the Yuzeng Peak of the gross area of 692 hectare. Its gross storage capacity is 36 million cubic meters. Here is clean air and pleasant environment, and it is the famous scenic spot for spending a holiday at a summer resort. Three lakes are the pride of the middle of Mt. Yandang. View Detail


It is located in the Lingfeng Rock Scenic Area. About 1km away from the southwestern of Daji Town, it is a bluff and precipice, standing like a door. The eighteen beaches in upstream come together and form a large pond. The length of the pond is more than 400m, width is more than 100m and depth is more than 30m. It is a large pond in Mt. Yandang.Shimen Pond in spring and autumn is beatuful. When the breeze blows over, the pond surface will show sparkling. View Detail

Western Festival

West-Ji is a canyon, and the stone of the bottom is a ochre gravel plain. Its water streams and likes a long draon, so called Dragon Street. It is a graceful movement of the middle in Mt. Yandang. It is also a natural painted screen.The rock of West-Ji in all sizes and shapes. It shows strong inclusiveness in the appreciation of the beauty, so it is suit both refined and popular tates. Its beauty of structure is acclaim as the peak of perfection.Dragon street in the number of border. On both ... View Detail