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Jinfeng Shan Park

Ya Jin Fengshan City Park is located next to Golden Phoenix Temple and the tomb of Han Yi Que high as the main attractions. Jinfeng Temple Was built in Tang Dynasty, reconstruction and expansion in the Ming and Qing dynasties, the temple set off into the Misty green and quiet environment. King, Maitreya, Nobita, Kwun Yam Temple and Ocean Hall four large-scale construction. & Nbsp; temple in possession of more than 500 volumes by the book, there are celebrities plaque right, screen more ... View Detail

White River

White River Township is located in a small county within days of the west horn River area, adjacent to the north and Baoxing, 15 km from the county Tianquan, scenic area is divided into north and south. North area as ecological area, widespread forests, ravines horizon, many valleys, mountains, water features, vegetation, landscape, Sky climate and landscape in a variety of landscapes in both space and time distribution. There Longmen Gorge, incense rocks Swallow Cave, water hyacinth, size ... View Detail


Erlang Mountain scenic area of 1600 square km, including Erlang, speakers River, Red Mountain, four scenic White River. Ring linked to the area, with different features, like the emerald green islets, set in a large ring on the western Sichuan tourism. Scenic has a majestic, steep, magical, Shaoxiu, quiet pristine and unique blend of Tibetan culture, the history of meaning. Erlang for a vigorous agitation of the "singing Erlang" circulating for a long timeFar. Winter, dressed in white, ice ... View Detail

Red Mountain

Red Mountain, located in the day northeast of the county zishi rural territory, 318 national highway, 35 km from the county seat. Zishi off area by the seven Mountain, Wan Mountain, the Queen Mother Hall, Xiaoxitian, Leiyin Si composed of 7 small area, the highest spot elevation of 3649 meters, is a natural beauty and Buddhist culture as one of the mountain scenic area , "Little Emei," said. Red Mountain is a scenic area Erlang an integral part of the visual beauty of Mount Emei East, Wawushan; ... View Detail