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Qing Yi River Garden

Acres of garden called a total length of 4.5 km, with a total area of 1054 acres, from "Seven Park", "Wen Ji Park," "righteous Park," "Ruby Park", "Poetry Chuk Yuen" and composed of nine landscape . Garden flowers continuously throughout the year, King moved at any time, with step-for-scene, like a colorful picture, displayed in Xuchang city center. View Detail

Double Dragon Lake Park

Double Dragon Lake Park by the water landscape and the landscape of two parts. Musical landscape water fountain, water screen movie, scenic landscapes by large trees, art paving, sculpture, etc, and is the main public leisure square. View Detail

West Lake Park

Large public recreational park. Park by the zoo and entertainment districts in two parts. Entertainment district has built a small lake in the Eastern Han Dynasty, by Su Shi, "West Lake is small also," a poem named after the famous statesman, writer Ouyang Xiu, Fan Chung-yen, Sima Guang and Su Shi, who pay homage to the land of lectures is Cao Cao during the Three Kingdoms naval training areas. Four Seasons Park and pleasant views of the public recreational facilities. Traffic 1 Way, 2, 102 ... View Detail

Xudou Park

Xu Dugong Park is melting entertainment, cultural meetings and business tourism as one of the large public park. Park covers an area of 184 acres, from the Cultural Square, musical fountain, water landscape, ecological garden, leisure and fitness activity area and so on. Park landmark intellectual doors, molding and carving a unique cultural tourism as a new landmark in Xuchang. View Detail

Yuzhou Forest Botanical Garden

National 4A level scenic spots, Henan Province Botanic Garden. Park covers an area of 213.3 hectares, forest coverage 89.9%. Collection of 1,200 kinds of plants from home and abroad, including 116 species of rare plants. The whole garden is divided into nine scenic spots, three landscape zones, 107 spots. 9 area, namely: the door area, introduction forest, evergreen forestArea, colored leaf forest, forest berry, Best medicine Court area, flowers forest, tourism nursery area, garden conference ... View Detail

Dahongzhai Mountain Scenic Area

State 3A class tourist attractions. Dahongzhai Mountain Scenic Spot set of natural, mountain, water, cave, forest as a whole, is rare in Henan Province, one of the natural eco-tourism area. Scenic City in Henan Province, northwest edge of dove Yu Shan territory, for the Funiu Mountains Mountain Range. Dahongzhai Mountain peak 1,156 m high, stop mountaintop, overlooking the distance, myriad horizon, the mountains around arches, ridges and peaks Pinnacle, spectacular. Area of 30 square ... View Detail

Dragon and Tiger Mountain Scenic Spot

City of Henan Province is located without beam Yu Ping Dong Lu old mountain town. Chou tomb area is the major attractions of the fifth son of the first Ming emperor Zhu Xiao and their Muqu Princess. By the Ming Zhou Ding King, Princess Pei Zangmu too tiger stone, Tian and the surrounding natural landscape of the composition. Chou tomb which is in Henan Province and the Princess Pei Zangmu key cultural relics protection units, but also the main attractions of the tourist areas. & Nbsp; ... View Detail

Ziyun Shan Scenic Area

Xiangcheng County, located in the southwestern part of Henan Province, Ziyun town, is Funiu mountain Dong Lu, eighteen by nine mountain peaks, lakes to a river, with a total area of about 50 square kilometers, AA grade scenic spot of national, provincial forest Park. Zi Yunshan Pingdingshan City, known as the "back garden" and Xuchang city';s "front garden" to "extraordinary show, quiet, ancient" known. & Nbsp; Church have Ruin: Purple, oak forest, Can. "Purple" refers to a group of peaks ... View Detail

Jun Kiln Site Museum

Jun kiln site museum for the state AAAA level scenic spots. Was established in June 1991, in the northern section of the urban Jun Kiln, covering 47,000 square meters. Song Jun-level key protection units which kiln site is located. Knowledge: Jun Porcelain is the Treasure of our ceramic treasures, is the essence of Chinese culture for five SongOne large Kiln porcelain. It colorful glaze, elegant style, "the same color into the kiln, the kiln million prize," the world-famous art kiln, known as ... View Detail

Xuchang Museum

Xuchang Museum is a medium-sized local level synthesis museum. Collection of twelve thousand thousand pieces of relics including bronze ware, pottery, porcelain, jade, calligraphy, illustration masonry, of which the majority of the Han Dynasty and Three Kingdoms period, particularly in the Han Dynasty brick and stone and pottery for the collection of features. Chang museum scale, imposing, building new, simple and elegant, as the central axis of the layout of the Wenfeng Tower, North-South ... View Detail