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Fen source

Ningwu County Zhaizhen located about 1 km northwest, according to "Shan Hai Jing" says: "Guancen of the mountain, Fenshui the Yan", so future generations that this is the Fen River water source. At the source is a reservoir, pond on the four characters carved stone walls, "the source Ling Fen marsh", a carved stone walls in the lead, in a puff of Longkou springs, flowing all the year round without a break. There is a temple near the source, called thunder Temple, built in the Ming Dynasty, ... View Detail

Dayton International Ski Village

Dayton International Ski Village is located in the renowned spa town country Xinzhou Dayton village. Highway from the Grand Canal 1.5 km Dayton Village exit, Dayton odd side of the road, 4 km from the city of Xinzhou, Taiyuan, the provincial capital, 60 kilometers of the surrounding attractions near Mountain, Yuwang holes, Luya and other tourist attractions at the twenty-redundant. Self-driving visitors only half an hour from Taiyuan to reach the resort. Cotton exports from the resort village, ... View Detail


Because of the shape of a "reed shoots" and named after, altitude 2739 meters, is the high ranges drones in a tall and straight. Overlapping peaks and ridges here, surrounded by the size of more than 200 mountain peaks, there are more than 30 waterfalls. Jianqiao peaks, rugged rocks, dense forest. For every lingering clouds, Xiongfeng Wutu. Sunrise after the rain, mountain reed dark green buds, but also transform a kind of red color, occasionally can be encountered in the shape of the "Falun" ... View Detail

National Forest Park in Mount

In Mount, is Luliang mountains, as the main rivers running through the territory of Shanxi - the birthplace of Fen. 2736 meters above sea level on Mountain peak. The main peak in Mount Luyashan, is a national nature reserve. National Nature Reserve in Luya, mainly the protection of animals is a rare brown-eared pheasant. Luya Mountains in northeastern forests, the existence of a clear, sweet spring water from the cliffLongkou start coming out, flying splash of jade beads, rolling like boiling ... View Detail

In Mount Qingren Gu

Qingren Gu, and Ming Malun Lake, located 45 kilometers west Ningwu County Mountains and deep in the forest, ten li depth, entrance width of less than 20 meters, according to legend there was here for Love on Valentine';s, named "Qingren Gu." View Detail

MaLun grassland

Malun steppe 2721 m above sea level, an area of 6000 mu, the formation of the new generation of 75 million years ago, Quaternary Ice Age, and Luyashan North River, North China is one of the largest subalpine meadow. Here the fertile pastures, horse feed is a base for emperors. Tips: the best place to go to the delegation, the distance is farther, it is a meadow, not riding, to the best summer, blue sky, cool grass, can also see the Luya, a natural landscape. UnderThe car, about half an hour to ... View Detail

End of the World Mountain

Foothills northwest horizon, there is a Miao Feng, the shape of lotus, Lotus Hill said. Lotus has a stone south of Shandong, said the Shek Kwu. Lotus foothills, there is the famous temple city of the original flat Shek Kwu shrines. Shek Kwu shrines Block north to south, was rectangular, a total of more than 2O between various buildings, are all relics of the Ming and Qing. Hundred meters before the hole, up a wooden arch. Four to three canopies. Mountain front, two flagpoles, a pair of stone ... View Detail


Urban area 26 km from the original level, the old one for the famous Eight, "the pillow to corner flow" around the city of the original flat areas the concentration of apricots. During apricot ripening season, Xiangpiao miles. Built on the peaks above Shouning Temple, gate hanging plaque "Wufeng sacred land." Guanting three wide access, all the internal furnishings since the Tang Dynasty Buddha 45. Sheng Mudian also three, there is a statue of the Virgin and other six. Legend, the Virgin Mary ... View Detail

Years ice cave

Ningwu County, Shanxi Province, 50 kilometers west of spring stretch of rural territory. 2300 meters above sea level. This hole formed in the Cenozoic Quaternary Ice Age, about three million years ago, hence the name ten thousand ice cave. The ice cave was ranked the country more than ten thousand, only nine holes of the first ice cave. Cooling mechanism inside the cave, the strongest, most ice reserves, is the development of nearly one hundred meters. Developed part of the three layers, ice ... View Detail

Yuwang hole

Located 20 km southeast of the city of Xinzhou City';s Department of Zhoushan waist, and Mount Wutai in Taiyuan, the only way to travel. Called the "North China the first hole." Formerly known as Fairy Cave, also known as fairy climbing kiln. According to legend, Zhou Dayu flood control in this system, there is a stone inside the cave, resembles Yu Wang, Yu Wang later renamed hole. It is said that the hole is seven thousand five years ago, North orogeny occurred, the sea bed rose to the land, ... View Detail