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Shihe River Park

Shihe District in Xinyang City Shihe River, Shanghai is Boulevard intersection of Jiefang Road and is a city of Xinyang city comprehensive park. Shihe south, North Street, Beijing Road, east to Shanghai is Avenue, west off the West Bridge, an area of 170,000 square meters. Park features a children';s play area, water play area, visit the recreation area, animal viewing areas and the five functional areas Seniors Activity Centre. Cong bamboo garden, fountain candles, a rose garden, plum, ... View Detail

General Chen Temple

Early Zhangzhou created to commemorate the "deities" Chen Yuan built shrine. Chen Feng Chen Yuan';s grandson from the built in Tang Tianbao years. Basilica of the middle of the front sitting statue of General Chen Yuan, a letter "deities" are classroom parties embedded "Megatron Fujian and Guangdong," "Dust net Southeast," the board, both sides of the couplet to "On Min said decades of war safely paradise , Jian Zhang thousands of worship contained in cigarettes is not absolutely general. " ... View Detail

Net Home Temple

Yan Shan County in the letter of the sun Township, south of Big Su Shan, a small mountain north of the Soviet Union, also known as "Chici Brahma Temple", which was China';s first Buddhist sects - the birthplace of Tiantai, often for their roots at home and abroad monk visit ancestors. Temple at the "Su" retaining ring being, known as "Kowloon holding St., owned by four water pool" of the Church, twelve wonderful quiet landscape. Monk Hui Si, intellectual covet Name crown Zen, known as the ... View Detail

Tea Island Lake South Bay

Tea Island Lake South Bay area of 1,000 acres, the development of 560 acres, 150 acres of water area, with a total investment of 120 million yuan. Shen Nong the tea sub-wells Island Square, tea road, one hundred pots welcoming, Shihe source House, Long pot play Jinchan, Lu Yuting, tea, word River, Ming Cui Yuan, thrushes Xian seed sets, the tea garden, sing Pavilion, healing Tea House, a total of twelve spots. The area started construction in May 2005, June 1, 2009 completion. Nam Van Lake Tea ... View Detail

Borden Forest Park

Polden Forest Park is a holiday, scientific investigation, sightseeing in an integrated tourist attractions. The scenic area is Borden Pavilion, Borden, Han Ann Memorial, Boer Deng Lin, the general tree and other attractions. Jigongshan Nature Reserve to commemorate the British scientist William Borden forest established. Mr. Borden forestry in China has made outstanding contributions, particularly in North America Bald Cypress introduced, the formation of the current show is quite rich Cedar ... View Detail