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Lake king

Is located in Shahe City, 30 kilometers west from Xingtai City, 50 km. Lake Four Zhou Qifeng back row, deep valleys, mountains, lakes, valleys complement each other, the "fifty-four channels of the Three Gorges scenery." Lion Peak, Qinwang Feng, Lotus Peak, Monk peak, five peak positions, Laojun Taiwan, paint Quan Temple, large-flume and other distinctive too. Late Sui and early Tang dynasty Qin Qin Li Shimin Lake is the war between the rebels Liu Heita, Tang Jun, and the Rebel battle here ... View Detail

North Wudang Mountain

Is located in Shahe City, Hebei Province Xingtai western mountains, peak elevation of 1437.3 meters, commonly known as "classic mountain", 60 km from the city, Hebei Province, scenic area. The imposing mountains, lush vegetation. Taihang Mountains in a rare three acres of public forest, the vegetation coverage rate of 70%. Peak is really Tati Temple, Taoist legend, the god of truth Tati year law enforcement practice of the blessed land of enlightenment. Another BodhisattvaSa Temple, Mount Tai ... View Detail

Guanyin Village

Guanyin Village is located 45 kilometers southwest of Xingtai City, is the top Xiaoxitian grandmother';s sister peak, elevation 1052 meters. Care of the area behind the mountain, about low slope swings, poor communication between rocks covered with high and low weight, mix of wild forest, the vegetation coverage of 80% or more, the mountains have pheasant, mountain rabbits, short-tailed pheasants and other wild animals. Legend: Little White Dragon once a regular here Hing wind for chaos, ... View Detail

Yunmeng Mountain

Peak over 1300 meters, as Hebei, Shanxi watershed. Area of 25 square kilometers, 95% of vegetation coverage, more than 100 species of rare animals and plants. Scenic landscape features: Yamao hills, secluded valleys, odd holes. Department has developed more than 80 attractions, attractions intensive trip travel arrangements a degree of relaxation A near miss. Particularly white Longxi, from the top of the Water Curtain Cave and East and West WhiteLongquan spewing out, falling Danya, Man Chui ... View Detail

Chang, Laoshan

Seno, also known as mountain, located 15 kilometers west of Xingtai City. Bricks, according to the Tang Dynasty recorded the mountain, the mountain was originally called Wufengshan, Guangzong Taoist Chang, as the Eight Immortals in the practice of seclusion. Feng Tang emperor Li Longji Laozi as their ancestors, and suppressing Buddhism Hing Road, it was Chi Feng Chang, Seno, change Xingzhou Wufengshan to Seno Hill, and Chang, built a Qixia view changed after the cave was Seno hole. Far away in ... View Detail

Kowloon Gap

At the eastern foot of Taihang Mountain, Xingtai County, Hebei Province jiangshui town. The total planned area of 64 square kilometers, Wong Mo Shan peak 1,800 meters above sea level. 62 km west of Xingtai city, should the sand roads and national defense highway direct access to scenic areas of Shanxi, Hebei. There is the development of Kowloon and the Kowloon Gap Gap area of agricultural eco-tourism Watergate demonstration area, the distribution of hundreds of sites, known as the "Hebei first ... View Detail

Baekundong Shikongshan

Baekundong Shikongshan karst cave landscape, has been proven there are four large Dongting, the total area of 4,000 square meters. Inside it is the stone bell Milk, stalagmites, Shiman, stone curtains, stone waterfall, stone curtains and flowers carbonate form, which mesh curl of the "complications" " Stone pipe line, "strange and beautiful form of bovine lung-like" color Shiman ", stone curtains, crystal clear grapes, such as stone beads, stone and pearls, is extremely Rare. The pillars ... View Detail

Xingtai Canyon Group

Located in Xingtai City, 70 kilometers west from the valley 24, of which up to 1,000 meters above length 8, is too one-line peaks in Great spectacle. Main landscape ghosts door natural moat, lying Gap Ching Hong, beads scattered cliffs, waterfalls, Yu Xie, Yao Chi dressing, underwater Ock, Chi Kung view of the sea, so three mountains off Tsui. Gap Gap is the main Huang Chao a graben between mountains, up to 4,000 meters deep gorge 200 meters, the two walls confrontation Chihiro, Gap meters ... View Detail

Kaiyuan Temple

Changsheng Street, located west of definite, formerly known as the net view of Temple, was built in East Weixing and two years (540), Suikai Huang years (591) renamed the solution Hui Temple. Tang Kaiyuan twenty-six years (738) Feng marsh changed its name. The existing building is a significant Tang Dynasty style. Layout different from other monasteries, Kaiyuan Temple is not in the symmetrical layout, but the tower and bell tower standing side by side, reflecting the Buddhist temple building ... View Detail

Breeze House

Breeze is located in the town hall of the original building before the town hall of components. Nd breeze building was built, according to "Shunde government" records, the wind building "built from the Tang, Song," and so after it was destroyed by the war. Ming Kenso Chenghua three years (AD 1467), Xingtai prefect Li Guangheng enormous amounts of money to rebuild it. After re-building a breeze typical architectural style of the Ming Dynasty, as eaves Xieshan structure, story 7, Zhang Yu, the ... View Detail