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54F ~ 70F
Cloudy To Light Rain
S at 30km/h To 20km/h
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Longwan Beach Ski

Ski Beach is located in Longwan Huludao Laolongwan the banks of the city, is the only ski resort beach. This project area has a recreational, ecological agriculture, leisure resorts, Tiger Scenic Zone, fruit trees Botanical Garden, comprehensive service area such as the six functional areas, open season all year round play. Longwan beach ski mountain and sea, the main entertainment, there are passenger aerial tramway, aerial Liusuo, winter skiing, sledding, snow flying saucer, snow bike, ... View Detail

Hong Luoshan

Hong Luoshan located 30 kilometers north Huludao city, including large rainbow Luoshan and Xiaohong Luoshan two parts. Hong Luoshan large peak altitude 900.8 m, as Yuhuangding mountain, the top said alarmed. The south cliffs are more steep slope, said the big rainbow Luoshan Church. 99 stone steps under the tread, there are temples Sengfang. The main vein of the mountain peak, while dozens of mountains, stretched in all directions, commonly known as the Mountain, "a lion." Mountain pine trees ... View Detail

Longtan Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon is located in Longtan Jianchang County boss shizhangzi Huludao Township, a small part in Dragon territory. Communication in this valley of ancient pit two of the Dragon live in, every stitch of drought, no rain when all the people came to bow down to this lake for rain, while the Dragon is also very considerate people, the people pray for rain every seam there must be grace, very efficacious, it is this valley called "Dragon Grand Canyon." Total length of 54.5 km Grand Canyon ... View Detail

Cloud Cave

Stone Buddha Cave is located in Cloud County township Jianchang, circled by the numerous small caves formed inside the cave, stalactites mix. A one-stop prancing like "Rolling Cave", has the heart, such as stalactites Chuicheng hepatopulmonary-like "beef heart hole", there are cliffs stand like a bridge on the "bridge hole", like a lotus blossom, "Lianhua "bottomed out with clear water," Water Curtain Cave. " Yun-Shan mountain temple, built in the Tang Dynasty, ancient Jieyou rebuilt. View Detail