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Pour off the boots

Pour off the boots, developed in the Cretaceous conglomerate, typical of basalt, due to water erosion, weathering and gravity differences between the role of different landslides, forming five connecting waterfall, lake groups, elevation of 100 meters, the race Yan match, beautiful. Pour off the boots of a deep gorge that is being, there is a mushroom cloud-like Kyoho sky, from afar, look just like an upside down to boots, the sole of the air, called the "back off the boots." "Back off the ... View Detail

ChuanYan Nineteenth Peak Scenic Area

Shi Jiufeng namely from north to south, lined up in single file, different patterns of peaks composed of nineteen, lovely scenery, magnificent. Board Shi Jiufeng, peak a dangerous way connected. Peaks around the air, majestic, if suddenly Ma Tengyun that Saddleback; overhangs done and out of the high-profile, under cliffs Qian Zhang, intramural hole, facing the light, such as Pearl, mooring boat at flood control, according to legend, the name mooring boat peaks; cliffs along the east side of ... View Detail

Wozhou Lake

Wozhou Lake: also known as Chao-long reservoir, which Beiyi Wozhou Hill, south of Tian Mu Ling, catchment area of 276 square kilometers, the lake area of 8.18 square kilometers, the reservoir capacity of 180 million cubic meters. Wozhou Lake is a flood control, irrigation, water supply, power generation, aquaculture and tourism in an integrated water conservancy project. Here mountains, blue water and vast, quiet and beautiful scenery. Between literati have a constant stream, especially in the ... View Detail

Ten Mile Creek area potential

5 km west from the county. Throughout more than 10 li, the main area to the natural landscape, the environment elegant, stream flow plunging, rocks everywhere, melting peaks, valleys, caves, waterfall, rocks, lake views. Qian River, formerly known as the former River, originated from Ma On Shan, the Hang Yang, Yuan Ao three merging into a new Changjiang River. Qian River area, the small village of dollars to a landscape Ao best dive Leishi stream under surging in the gap, a beach rock, cliff ... View Detail

Tian Mu Shan

Tian Mu Shan culture is famous. Located 30 km southeast of the county, from the Clouds tip, fine tip, composed of a large tip and other mountains. 16 and 60 is a blessed land of Taoism, several overlapping peaks, thousands of state-stricken, dark green natural day table. Jin dynasty ago, this place is inaccessible boundless regions, Southern Xie Lingyun "taste from the beginning to open in Southern Ningxia mountain logging trail, until the sea." Beautiful scenery in the Tian Mu Shan, this ... View Detail

East Yangshan shuiliandong

East Yangshan shuiliandong, 20 km east of the city in Xinchang County, east Yangshan, the one cave heavens opened, the door hanging waterfall, 35 meters high waterfall, gushing out, if Chuilian wind drift, dazzling. The top of a potential public Taiwan, film Dan Lingyun, Chuan Zhu Road argument for the Department. Water Curtain Cave Creek around sunset, lock Tsui bridges attractions. Middle mountain rocks, commonly known as rock buns, the ancestral founder of the Mount can be cooked grain ... View Detail